Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Another Hacker.

Report #64 2013, March 27th.

Either I need to start changing passwords, either there are two people who know me very well to be able to hack this blog. One of those people is Kelevra, who is currently chained up in these catacombs with me. The other apparently is this Mr.Cognito guy. I have no idea who this is, not even the slightest, wouldn't be surprised if it were that Judgment, but I don't think it was, with many encounters I had with that fuck, he didn't even say one word, he was serious about his job, besides he knows where the catacombs are, he wouldn't be asking me that. So that leaves the question, who is this?

Not to mention they took the liberty to customize my blog, also in the background is a picture that was sent to me a long time ago, only one difference, that picture was all sorts of fucked up with drawn question marks over it and lots of red lines. This picture however, is completely clean, so I have to assume that, that is the person who sent me the first picture in the first place. And here I thought that was Kelevra. Leaving the blog as it is, I don't know how to customize it back and I won't waste my time figuring out how to do that.

Asked Kelevra a second question today, I had to think of a good one, I obviously couldn't ask anything like, how can I hurt IT? Cause obviously he didn't know that. I also didn't ask any dumb questions likes why was IT following me, since it would be irrelevant to my survival, who knows maybe some day I'll figure that one out on my own. I couldn't ask any questions about IT, since he wouldn't have that information and that would be a waste of questions, same with Fears.

So I asked the next best thing, I asked about this place, the question was simple, yet at the same time covered all the details of this place. This is how the conversation went (I record all of my conversations, always.):

K: "Ah did you like the little show outside yesterday?"

I: "I've seen worse"

K: "And yet it steered up your jimmies"

I: "My second question is, what is this place?"

K: "...I like how you summarized it, now I have to tell you both the capabilities and the history of these catacombs"

A 10 second pause.

K: "Or I could just say 'The Catacombs" and you waste your second question"

At this point I was about to smack him.

K: "Calm down, I'm not a cheater, I'll spill the beans"

A slight chuckle from him

K: "Tell me Incognito, as a former KGB agent, the date June 22 and the time 3:15 AM must mean something to you"

I: "Operation Barbarossa, Lithuanian uprising"

K: "Exactly, the day when Nazis invaded Lithuania, as you know two army groups were dispatched, The North German Army Group, which took care of the North Part of Lithuania. And The Central German Army Group, they took care of Vilnius and other countries that went after it."

I: "Visaginas..."

K: "Right again! So, these people, realizing the danger of an attack, run to the catacombs, there were several of them, but this is the only one that remained. Of course The Nazis found them, but instead of wasting their time with those people, they just decided to gas them to death...Just like the Jews"

The sick fuck laughed out at that remark.

K: "But there was one particular man who managed to survive, once the Lithuanians started to rebel, this man was found inside the catacombs, completely thin, the guy munched on all the dead bodies in order to survive."

I: "But they were gassed..."

K: "Didn't stop that guy, everyone were baffled how he managed to survive the gassing and after that manage to survive only on human meat and flesh without any tools to cut up everything. Sadly they couldn't interview the guy, as they tried to get him out of there, he was struggling, yelling, and as soon as they got him out he died"

I: "You mean to tell me he adjusted to the gas instead of normal oxygen?"

K: "Let me finish, and on a side note, thats a stupid idea. No, just when they were getting gassed, and when people were falling down like dominoes, he saw him. My master, he saw Slender Man"

A big smile appeared on his face.

K: "According to the man's yells, Slendy offered him a chance to survive, he made so that the guy would be only able to survive in these catacombs, why? Entertainment, to see that guy eat his own, to see him suffer."

I felt like an expression of disgust had formed on my face, he couldn't see it since my face is always covered up.

K: "Thats why this place is still here and other catacombs are not, Slendy kept it around, just because this one guy was still in here, to top it all off, he brought this place to life, with the souls of those that were gassed, in order to drive the guy to total insanity."

I: "Sick son of a..."

K: "Yeah, yeah, so time passed, Slendy forgot about this place, he forgot that he brought it to life, he just left it here. The place in turn developed a consciousness, don't ask me how, has something to do with Azoth, or as you like to call it Slender Sludge. It continued to exist of its own accord and completely shoved its master aside. Thats why he can't get in, because it is not part of him anymore."

I: "And the Fears?"

K: "What about them, none of them ever came close to my Master, well maybe except for The Rake, but still, this place was made out of Slendy's mater. If he can't get in, I assure you none of the Fears can. Same goes for Servants, since they all bare a connection to their masters, that connection alone is enough to shove them away."

I: "And what abo-"

K: "That is a completely different question, you sure you want to waste it?"


I: "You won't get out"

K: "We'll see"

He followed by a big ass green, which I proceeded to plaster back shut.

So this place does indeed shove the danger away, that might also explain why the first time my health was effected, it is part of IT, it took my body a while to adjust. That still doesn't explain how he is capable of getting in, isn't he a sort of a proxy? And the time travel? How does this place do time travel? No matter, at least now I know why this place constantly whispers and that it can't let those freaks in, this is now my safe zone.

Report #64 Ended.


  1. Well. Judging from the hacker's post he either really doesn't care about spelling or is very, VERY, dumb.