Friday, March 22, 2013

The Big Catch

Report #61 2013, March 22nd.

Guess who was lurking around outside?

That bandaged fuck was looking for me, good thing I was out in town getting myself some food, upon my return the hatch was open. Don't need to be a scientist to understand that someones in there, I draw my shooting knife and quietly enter the catacombs.

I was there for quite a very long time now and have examined every little corner of the place, so I knew exactly where, what was.

I walked trough the long ass hallway and when I finally reached the corner where I set up a bed for myself, along with all of my stuff in there. I saw him, Kelevra.

He was sitting over my bed, back turned to the entrance, he didn't hear me, I quickly knocked him out and tied him up with steel chains, rope can be easily cut, chains will take a while to break.

Currently I am sitting in front of him, he is conscious right now, starring at me, spitting out some stupid babble. I finally get a batter look at him, his face is not the only thing that is bandaged, his whole body is covered with bandages, he has this long ass black leather jacket, some black sports pants, Adidas to be more precise. Some black shoes on his bandaged legs, he slightly resembles IT with his colors, not to mention his skin is pale as fuck, tough he has yellow teeth, lack of brushing I see.

I can easily put a bullet trough his head right there, right now, but I need him to answer some questions first, I will ask them tomorrow, today I am tired and none of my tech is prepared to note his answers. Don't worry I'm not stupid, I won't go to sleep tonight, I will spend the whole night sitting by him.

He is really annoying.

Report #61 Ended.


  1. Just knock him out or put duct tape over his mouth. That'll shut him up. ^^

    1. Yeah I taped his mouth last night, even I have a limit to my patience.

      - Mr. Incognito.