Monday, March 25, 2013

The Question Game.

Report #62 2013, March 25th.

So with Kelevras capture, I spent three days beating the information out of him. And by "Beating" I mean mentally, because when I interacted with that fuck physically, he didn't even flinch, no interrogation method I used worked on him, its like he said, he was immune to pain.

Talking with that guy is a pain in the ass thats for sure, he either would start rambling, or just saying some stupid jokes, which if I might note, made no absolute sense.

So when I went to him for information before I could ask anything he proposed we play a "game", I immediately punched him in the face, had no effect. His idea of a game was simple, I get to ask only three questions, after those three questions been answered, he will disappear. Sounded very stupid from the position he was in, so I started torturing him for answers, and as I already said, it didn't work. I can't just kill him off, and the fucker knows that, so I am forced to play his game.

Today I asked him my first question.

I: "Why are you following me and why did you save me several times?"

K: "Oh thats a good one, lets see...Because your just like me"

I: "I am nothing like you"

K: "Oh but you are! Both of us are monsters! While I kill whoever the fuck I want, you kill those who, in your sense of justice "Deserve" it. But by the end of the day both of us are killers which have no remorse for their victims, the only difference being is that you have a code of conduct."

I: "That still doesn't answer my question"

K: "Well as you know, when same energies meet up, chaos ensues. With chaos comes destruction, and you know I get a boner from that! Each time you and I will have an encounter, we will raise hell around us! The thought of that, I bet gives me tingles all over my body, a pity I can't feel anything!"

Then he broke of into his stupid sounding laughter.

K: "Welp that was question number one, two more Incognito, don't waste them"

After that I left, writing this right now.

With that question I figured out something that was already obvious, he is fucked up, so in short, I didn't find out stick. I need to think trough the questions I ask.

Report #62 Ended.


  1. Yes, think very carefully. Take days to come up with the two most important questions.

    Also prepare for what could happen when your two questions are up. I doubt he will just go poof.
    Be carefull.<x3

    1. I would actually enjoy him to go poof forever, but yeah thats to good to be true.

      As always, eyes are sharp, ears are on full volume. Still thinking on two remaining questions, might take me several days to come up with something good.


      - Mr. Incognito.