Friday, March 15, 2013

Time Travel.

Report #59 2013, March 15th.

Where was I? Remember the coordinates Kelevra left me? Well I followed them, they led me to a sort of old underground catacomb deep inside the forest, something I never expected to find in a quiet town like this.

Deep down there I found paper on the wall that said "Hey this is ur pal Kelevra, I see u followed mah coordinatos, good. You can thank me later :)".

I didn't get it so I explored the catacombs a little deeper, I found absolutely nothing and thought that all of it was a prank, next thing shocked me. I was about to leave the catacombs, once I opened the hatch which closed off the catacombs, and got outside, I was surprised to say the least. It was night, I entered the catacombs at 14 PM spent there for about 30 minutes, maybe an hour and got out at 23:46 PM. Also once I gout out, I noticed that my nose started to bleed, no doubt the side effects of the Catacombs. I had no idea why Kelevra wanted me to go there and discover such a phenomenon.

Because of that I decided to spend whole 3 days down there, in order to find out why he wanted me to go there. Those 3 days were the most silent I ever had, no fear activity at all, didn't see IT not even once, The Eye was nowhere to be seen, along with Archangel. Maybe that is what he meant, maybe those FEARS can not get inside that place, but the question remains, why? I got out of the catacombs today, and spent my whole day, moving my equipment down there, currently I am typing out of the same catacombs.

My laptops clock is not effected, my watch is not effected by the powers of this place, everything is as it should be, yet I know for a fact that when I get out a whole 3 hours had passed, so does that mean that I exceed my age time by staying down here? Because of that I am not willing to risk in finding that out, so once I'm done checking up on things, I will be leaving these catacombs, but I think I might end up moving into these in the end, once I find out if this place is hazardous to my health or not.

Report #59 Ended.


  1. If this place is as safe and untouched as it sounds, then I say go for it. You have a way to be safe in a place that apparently only Kelevra knows about/can get in.


    1. And thats what strikes me as off, sure he said that he has no problem breaking the rules, but I doubt he would go as far, as for giving me an actual safe zone from those monsters.

      I think he has something planned and it involves me and this place, still can't find the connection tough.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. If this thing does time travel....

      Do you think he will trap you to try and get you to Mr.Roark's time? If he's still alive that is.


    3. That is a possibility, but that would mean that I would have to lock myself down here for months maybe more, in order to reach that time line. And even then there is no promise of me not "overshooting" his current time, or that he is in a completely alternate universe.

      Besides, I still haven't found out if this place is hazardous for me, not sure how I will find that out, I'll think more on that.

      But I'd rather not go time traveling too far, I need to stay in contact with this time line, since I don't know what happens in the future, does IT win? Does some other FEAR win? Do we win? Its a 50/50 result, I don't play 50/50.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    4. I also doubt that Kelevra would do that, trough our many encounters I figured out that he wouldn't let me go that easily. He wants me for himself, and if he would lock me inside that room and send me away for a very long time, he would die eventually, losing the opportunity to take me out.

      - Mr. Incognito.