Monday, March 25, 2013

Lets take off the official Report stamps, and make this unofficial, there are my personal thoughts which I can not make official, or relevant to my survival. This is why this post is unofficial.

I have been lingering in the dark of these catacombs for a while now, locked away from the world, in the darkness, with nothing to do I started researching, something I had not done in a very long time.

I started reading blogs again, this time, much older ones, the ones that still had basic rules to them, the ones which had no Fears in them, only IT. The blogs, the time of which everything was basic and less complicated then it is today.

If you have been sticking with my blog from the beginning, then you know that I had been hunted by IT since before its creation in these forums, it is no surprise, since IT has been existing for centuries. And now, when I read all those blogs, I feel left out, I feel bad for myself, I feel bad for not joining in when it was still basic, maybe there was a chance for actually stopping IT back then, while IT was weak. I didn't know back then, that there were people who had similar problems, I just thought I was going insane.

Judging by those blogs and their commentators, many young runners had hope, that hope was coming from many fellow runner bloggers, those like Zeke Strahm, M, Zero and many others (I had read all those blogs today, eyes hurt like a bitch). They brought hope into the hearts of those that were in similar situation, and while the situation seemed like shit, people still had the desire to fight back, to fight until the end and with each fight they put up, IT was weakened.

But what happened later? After those who inspired everyone died, or went M.I.A.? People just stopped fighting? Compare that time to today? IT is stronger then it was before, and now there are much more creatures like IT running around taking more lives everyday! Why? Because people stopped fighting back, because they either joined with them, or just simply gave up. Look at us today, look at people like Cecilia, Kyra, Lisa and many others, they give in, give in into the temptation, into the illusions which they see as "freedom". Letting IT and Other fucks to grow in strength, because nobody is weakening them, like they used to.

Look what a big fucking difference a couple of years of inaction brought to us, once we had to deal only with IT, now we got several manifestations running around. All that because of inaction, because of giving up, not fighting until the end.

I'm not saying everyones like that today, fuck there is a lot of people fighting back, but still not enough, there were a lot more of them back then.

Where did we trip? How did all of this get so out of hand? These thoughts have been bugging me all day, and the fact that these catacombs keep whispering, keep crying out sometimes, yelling either in pain, or anger, DOESN'T FUCKING HELP!


  1. Whispering catacombs aren't a good sign. Not good at all. <.<

    I doubt that the Fears came out of inaction. Just Like IT they've been here longer. Perhaps they've always been here. But thats not important.

    I agree that we need to fight back. It's just that these things are too powerfull. If we could weaken them however..<x3

    1. Oh Alicia, so naive.

      ~The Shining one

    2. I'm sure there is a way, there has to be.

      - Mr. Incognito.