Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Report #63 2013, March 26th.

Apologies for yesterdays unofficial post, I guess the feeling of depression, regret and other alien to me feelings took over my mind, didn't know I could still feel those, felt good to be honest. You know that feeling when your childhood friend left the country with his family, to never see him again for many years and then after some time actually meet up with him, thats the feeling I had.

Back on topic.

I was bringing food to Kelevra today, when I ripped off the plaster which closed up his mouth and fed him, he told me something, he told me to go outside and have a look. I was confused and for some reason I actually decided to listen to him, I didn't ask my two questions yet, so this wasn't an elaborate plan to escape, he is too twisted to just simply leave his own game.

So I go outside, what do I expect as I climb my way up the metal stairs toward the hatch? I don't know, maybe I would find IT standing there in a distance, maybe I would get shot between the eyes from the Archangels rifle, maybe it was that Judgment outside, ready to throw down for a second time. The possibilities were endless, there was no point in guessing, I knew, whatever it was, I would escape it, or fight it off, just as I usually did.

But what I saw...

I would lie if I said that it shocked me, but it did paralyze me for ten seconds, maybe more, maybe less. There were bodies, bodies impaled high on the trees which surrounded the catacombs. Kids, Adults, Teens, Elders didn't fucking matter, IT had them all. Upon closer look, I realized that there was no blood coming from them, yet those were live bodies, no way there was a crafter that could craft mannequins that realistic. All of them were drained of their blood, some had their eyes gouged out, some had missing limbs. At that time a light breeze went trough the air, one of the bodies arm's just fell off, it didn't get ripped off, it just fell off, the skin and meat inside of it were so dry, that it just simply fell off.

As that arm hit the ground, it broke into dust, not completely of course, some parts of the arm like fingers remained in one piece, but eventually another wind would blow and just turn the fingers into dust.

As the wind blew stronger and stronger, the bodies started to shatter, turn into dust and get carried away by the winds, to God knows where.

My mind filled with rage, I ran towards Kelevra, I was pissed, I almost asked him who did that and why, almost eliminating my two remaining questions, but just before I asked, I stopped, a minute of silence between us, that stupid ass grin on his face never disappearing, his one eye fixated on me.

I look at him, turn around and only say one thing.

"Fuck you"

With that I closed the metal door behind me, leaving him there completely alone as always, without feeding him completely, let him eat that food on the ground on his own, if he can reach it at least.

God you have no idea how much I want to kill him right now.

Report #64 Ended.


  1. Well that was a close one. I'd suggest not interacting with him untill you have your questions ready.
    Ductape his mouth again, make a little hole for a straw so he can drink and doesn't die of dehydration. He can survive a few days that way. And he won't be able to distract you. <x3

    1. It's like your reading my mind, he is already like that, he still manages to sing those stupid ass tunes, but whatever, thanks for the advice.

      - Mr. Incognito.