Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Room's Rules and Guests.

Report #60 2013, March 17th.

Apparently this room has its own rules, what do I mean? Remember when I said that this room accelerates the time, well I was wrong, this place acts of its own accord. Sometimes the times speeds up and sometimes it drags along. For example yesterday I spent about 2 hours in it, I was trying to get exactly by how far the time jumps, imagine my surprise when I got out, that only ten minutes had past.

The room does not accelerate the time too highly, for example I am sure that if I go inside the catacombs for ten minutes, I won't end up in the year of 2099, or whatever. The room has its own limitations, its own set of rules, fuck it, when I tried to fall asleep down there, I could actually feel these catacombs, I could feel breathing from all the sides and occasionally even whispers, now I know I'm not going insane, this place is alive.

Yesterday I spent the entirety of my day, moving my things to the Catacombs, since the family in who's apartment I was staying were coming back and I had to move out without leaving any trace of me ever being there. With nowhere to go, I will be staying in these catacombs deep inside this forest, yeah I know, stupid, but I have said this already, stupid is what stupid does.

Once I finished moving my shit down there, I got out in order to see what time it was, so once I got out I would know exactly how much time have passed. Once I was about to go inside, I got attacked from behind, no simple punch to the head, or a stupid tackle, no, a whole fucking throw over the back by the neck, an experts move. It was the same guy that attacked me earlier, I believe they are called Justice? Since it was night and this guys face was covered up by a hood, I couldn't see his face again, didn't matter either, I had to somehow fight him off.

Me on the ground, he was about to stomp my brains in, luckily I always keep my spring knife (Or shooting knife as I like to call it) with me, I immediately reached into my pockets and shot it out at his leg, the pain caught up to him and gave me enough time to sweep his legs, which resulted in him falling down hard on the ground, I made sure to get my knife back, as I toppled on top of him and started hitting him in the face, hoping to render him unconscious, yeah right.

I was stupid enough to not notice him reaching for a rock with his right hand, to my surprise he fucking nailed me in the side of the head with a rock, that caused me to fall down the stairs into the catacombs (The hatch was open). Once inside I looked up at the fucker just standing there starring at me, I tried to fight the urge to go unconscious, but the pain was too great.

Once I woke up, I was in the same spot and it was morning, the fucker was gone, he didn't go inside, even their servants can't go inside, but why? Doesn't matter, I found myself a safe zone, and today I am only alive, because I got lucky, if I would have fallen on the ground, he would have surely finished me off.

After that I got up, and mended my wound. I let my guard down, losing it, time to get it together.

Report #60 Ended.


  1. I have two things to say.

    1. He's called "Judgement".

    2. You said when you try and fall asleep the place is alive. That reminds me of a place I've heard of called "God's Mouth". It's a cave that when fully dark on the inside it turns into..well...a MOUTH and swallows whoever's inside and then moves location. So try not to let it ever be pitch black in there okay?


    1. I doubt it is anything like that, first of, everything that I had red about it was that it was a cave. Keep in mind that these are actual catacombs, maybe they are remains from WWII or maybe even I, or maybe they were made for some other purpose. It is not a mere cave and this place has much more walls, so I doubt anything like that would ever happen here.

      Also thanks for correcting me, but honestly, I don't really care what their called, all I know is that they want me dead and I want them dead.

      The light is always on, the only time its off is only if I'm expecting someone, just to lure them into a trap.

      Tough I do close the hatch, I can not afford anyone finding this place with all my shit inside here. Any normal guy might be taking a walk in the forest and just wander inside here if the hatch were open.

      Thanks for the advice tough.

      - Mr. Incognito.