Sunday, June 2, 2013


My head fucking hurts.

What happened, you ask? I left shopping for some food, say what you want about me leaving Incognito alone in that state, but if I didn't feed him and eat myself, we would have died from starvation, so I had to leave him there. I put ear phones on his head with a bunch of songs he used to listen to, hoping that it would speed up the process of him coming to his senses.

While I was away, he got on the PC and started writing some stuff, from his writing we can see that he was unstable.

When I got back, I saw him typing that poem, I saw he was putting a lot of dots at the end of it, I quickly raced through the poem and I noticed it all too well. I grabbed him from behind and tried to pull him away from PC, that poem is closely related to him, I couldn't let him compromise his identity, me trying to pull him away, resulted in my getting slammed into the keyboard with my face which explains the last part.

He also managed to write something in between the numbers that appeared after my face went up against a keyboard (Second time by the way), once I publish this post, I'm going on Incognito's account and deleting that last part, since it gives away some personal information, thought it doesn't matter now since people had already red it, but still.

I would have deleted the post immediately, but I spent my whole night trying to restrain Incognito, he was struggling until the end. I left the poem, because we might analyze it, maybe it will tell us something about his experience in The Path, or with what it was connected.

Sanna was right, this poem was used in a Russian movie a long time ago, the movie is called "Брат 2" in translation meaning "Brother 2". Incognito liked the movie, and got that poem from there, but that is not the close connection he has with it, I know what it means for him.

As you can see some words in the poem are highlighted, these words are:

"Family", "And a Path and a Forest", "River", "Native", "Love" and "I".

The "I" is important too, while in your language the "I" is always highlighted, in Russian it isn't.

It is clear, that while he was on the Path, something struck him close to his past, fuck.

He is now, sitting and reciting that poem over and over again.


  1. Aw shite sir, he left a comment on my blog to do with family. In English, minimal English, but still English, which I guess means his memory is still kinda coming back. I really didn't mean to exacerbate any triggers, I'm really really sorry. :(

    Glad you're both OK, at any rate.

    You know sir, you can just remove the comment where one of us picked up on the personal info, hell if it was one of my comments, tell me which one it is and I'll delete it.

    1. I did, no hard feelin's.

    2. *shrug* I didn't see anything, never heard of anyone called Vikady, nope I don't even speak Russian, how the hell would I know, look I don't want any trouble, I really don't know anything, etc etc.

      Sorry for almost getting you guys into trouble yet again.