Monday, June 24, 2013

Case File #5 - Nazi Experiments.

Alright, recently this case has gotten pretty popular.

In short, Nazis had some concentration camp, where they secretly cut up their prisoners and attached longer limbs to their bodies, in order to imitate an entity we all know today as Slenderman. Reason for them doing that? Two theories:

They wanted to earn the respect of the original Slenderman, which was stalking their soldiers for quite some time now, so Slendy in return would help them, in their war against The Soviets.

They thought that this creature terrorized not only them, but everyone, all over the world. So they wanted to scare The Soviets, by making imitations of the original.

Now I didn't exactly work on this case, my German fellow Conspiracy Theorist did, he was an Ex-Nazi so it explain why he worked on this mystery. He contacted me, asking for some help, if I could find anything connecting to a creature like that in our country, he forwarded many things to me, including the photos.

I have one photo saved on my flash, though I have no idea why I kept it, must have forgot about it:

Sorry if you were having dinner.

Now I usually ignore cases I don't work with, but recently, it has been coming up more and more:

Incognito's little bunker adventure in the First Part of his Path adventures.

This Blog Author that Incognito follows has been given a flash drive with these experiments.

And the most recent evidence, a show that apparently never aired after their pilot episode:

I'm not going to theorize anything, I have no clues about the case, in fact I hardly remember it, but maybe you guys know something, maybe this will help someone.

Vikady, out.


  1. The only concentration camp I know about in detail is Mauthausen. That was where Aribert Heim worked.

    The prisoners called him "Doktor Tod", or in English, "Dr Death". He did limb removal without anaesthesia. He also injected chemicals into the hearts of patients, one of those chemicals was petrol (gasoline), i.e. that flammable stuff, maybe the Slendy/fire connection there. He also ripped out patient's organs and left them to die, pretty sure that's another Slendy thing. Also he kept one of his eighteen year old victim's skulls as a paperweight.

    Might as well tell you more about Mauthausen, I got nothing better to do. Nazis had a nickname for it, "Knochenmühle", translates as "bone grinder". Mauthausen was centred around a quarry, prisoners had to carry heavy pieces of granite up 186 steps. They had to be in an orderly queue, had to keep moving constantly, until they dropped dead. If one of them veered or stumbled, they would be shot instantly by a guard. If the person in front of you was shot and you broke stride, or stopped, or had any reaction, you would be shot too. And Mauthausen only gets worse from there.

  2. I don't personally know how much Nazis were involved with Slenderman. It seems to be a big leap to assume they were really that closely involved. There'd have to be some kind of written notes out there to completely prove it.