Sunday, June 16, 2013

Short Post.

I'll make this post very short, Incognito is drivin' at the moment, we already talked with him about this.

I don't know if ya'll remember in my older posts that I said that the name "Fisk" from FBI ran' some bells, right? I got thinking about it today, after reading Incognito's post. What triggered the thinkin' process was when he described his reflection in that fucked up sea.

To be more precise, what triggered the thinking process was the fact that the reflection was dressed in a priests outfit and the reflection was talkin' in Italian, or some similar soundin' language. Yet I can't seem to remember what the connection is, but I am sure that it is a KGB case file, I will have to hack into the database somehow.

I could be imaginin' thin's, but this has been scratchin' me for a while now.

Vikady out.


  1. I have heard the occasional Latin phrase associated with "it", if maybe you meant Latin. Some other Latin-derived languages are Spanish, Romanian, Italian, French and Portuguese.

    FBI agents, they deal with internal threats in America, so I guess you might wanna think back to the USA.

    So a priest's getup, and talking in Italian, maybe Latin. Honestly I don't trust priests, I don't trust clergy, and I don't trust religion at all, no offence if you are religious sir. Anyway to my point, have you ever dealt with churches, priests and so on?

    1. Vikady didn't, I used to, I will get to it eventually, it is something that is associated with what put me in my trance in The Path.

      - Mr. Incognito.