Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Path, Part 5: A Child in Distress.

Report #86 2013, June 22nd.

Nights, I've been driving for countless sleepless nights, thing is, I didn't notice that it was three nights in a row. Vikady came up to me and told me that I've been driving for days now, he took over the wheel, the thing is, I don't feel tired, not even a little, I didn't even notice that I was driving for three days non-stop.

So what happened after the beach.

After catching my breath, I was back in my senses, I was again focused, all I needed was a little break. After that, I was back to roaming the forests and finally I was able to take a good look at this world. This world was like a gaping hole, too many people were lost in the depths of this place, I could feel it, as if their pain, was circling through the high trees, as if information through antennas. And after some time it took me a while to realize that I was one of them, one on the list of causalities, swallowed in the darkness.

Days have passed since I first stepped into this darkness and inside of there, if you feel paranoid in our world, that someone watches you every time, there it seems as if someone is practically, constantly breathing down your neck. The tress shift and bend above me, stalking me, I could hear the whispers, in fact I couldn't really hear anything else and through time, I welcomed the sound. i was feeling home, a place where everyone constantly hunts for each other, as if it was Vietnam, warfare in the jungle, constantly on your toes, eyes open, ears are wide, enemy at every sight and only one rule, kill, or be killed.

But the feeling of home, fell apart once I could hear a little girl's scream, on instinct of trying to protect others, an instinct my father had put into me, I ran towards the source of the scream, ignoring all the whispers, ignoring all the dangers, I was running towards the source as if....

Once I reached the source, it was indeed a little girl, little doll of sorts her  hands, surrounded by those creatures, she was frightened, they felt it, they enjoyed it, they preyed on it, nothing different from our world. Bastards who enjoy frightening other people, those who feel much more mightier from the fears of others, disgusting, fucking disgusting.

I got out my Remmington, there was no strategy, no plan, the creatures were crowded and my shotgun was handy for crowd control. So I ran towards the horde of those things, blasting their heads off, dark blood splattered everywhere, my main goal was not to survive, but distract, allow the girl to run away. So I was buying some time, no matter how many I killed, more appeared. I kill one, two more appear to take its place, just like our world, you kill one scumbag, two more come out of nowhere to take his place.

Wasn't long until the ammo for my Remmington ended, I didn't use my Colt. 45, I wanted to keep the ammo for that one, so I took The Axe, I too the shotgun and flipped it around, so I was holding it by the barrel and now I was engaging in a showdown with them, wielding melee weapons.

30 minutes of the sound of blood splatter mixed with whispers, the sound of bones cracking, and pain, my pain, pain of my blood spilling on the ground, just like our world, no matter where I am, I always end up spilling my blood on the ground.

It took me whole 30 minutes of constant swinging left and right, making sure to hit with precision. And suddenly, they stop coming, I kill, but none appear in their place, but why? They could easily finish me off if they just kept on puring in, were they afraid of me? Thats what I thought, but no, I turned around to see if the girl was still there, in her place it was the same pale woman that I keep seeing, the little girl, it was her, playing mind games with me, I was pissed, that I just risked my life, for nothing. My temper got the better of me, I dropped my Remmington, grappling The Axe with both of my hands and started running at her.

Just as I was about to hit her, I was transported by her in a matter of seconds, I was now in a different place, the place was...

No, more on that later, leaving a city.

Report #86 Ended.


  1. Sorry you had to go through that, that would have pissed me off too.

    A reminder that an axe relies on momentum. Hold it with one hand, not two, and strike it in the face of whichever poor sod crossed you.

    1. If you put both of your hands on the hit, the swing becomes much stronger in result the hit becomes much stronger, to the point where you can chop someone's head clean off.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  2. You might have some side effects from either the path or the water Kelera gave you. But this one doesn't necessarily seem to bad.

    The wonders I could do if able to stay up days at a time.