Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Path, Part 1: Self documentation.

 Report #82 2013, June 8th.

Woke Vikady up, made him take over the steering wheel, so now I have some time to write up at least a couple of things about what I saw.

Once I walked off into The Black Forest, I didn't immediately enter The Path, took me about 5 hours of walking around the damned forest in order to enter The Path. Once I entered it, the surrounding's didn't immediately change, but I could feel that I was entering The Path. The gravity was starting to get stronger, to the point where it was hard for me to move, let alone run, every muscle in my body was burning like crazy, the fact that it was getting either really hot, or really cold in there, didn't help, I couldn't concentrate. While I was struggling with movement, I didn't notice how everything drastically changed around me, the leaves were all black, the ground was gray, the trees were dark.

In there, hours melt into days and days melt into years, in this world I was away for a month, in there, I can't even tell you how long I've been there, but it was a very long time.

There were a lot of pathways in there, but no matter what path I would take, everything looked the same, but I knew that it would be like that, so I took with me a supply of food and water that would last for a week.

After days of walking aimlessly, I would eventually get used to the gravity in there and were even capable of running, I also started to get a sense of weather in there, in there the weather constantly changed either in a matter of seconds, hours, days. The way to determine what weather is going to be in there, is by looking at the sun's rays, if the sun emits dark rays, then it is going to snow and be really cold, if it emits gray rays, then it is either autumn, or spring which means it will be extremely stuffy, when it emits white rays, it is going to be hot like the summer. You don't really notice what color are the rays, but if you pay enough attention.

The first thing that I stumbled upon that didn't look like a forest, was an old looking village, it was broken apart, I got out my gun and carefully started to have a look around. The village house seemed like it had German writing carved into the wooden door, once I stepped inside, I saw a lot of paper being stuck to walls, the paper were pages from books, all of them had "Der Grossman" written on them. Judging by the old structure of the house, the old possessions that were lying all over the house, and the contents of the pages, I presume that was an example of an old German village house that was usually described in the "Der Grossman" stories.

I searched the house for something useful, but the only thing I had found was an Axe stuck to a wall of the house, so I took it. My next stop was a broken apart bunker, it had a torn apart, Nazi flag on it. Once inside, there were flipped over tables, folders with paper lying all over the ground and so on. This time, what resembled IT, were countless, old, black and white photos that were sticked on an old, school, white board. The photos were horrendous, those photos were of people who's faces were cut off,  their hands and feet cut off and in their place, attached other arms and legs, it was a whole gallery of bodies being stitched together, trying to form an IT-looking creature. Around those bodies were Nazis, it was obvious that those photos were taken by Nazis, because in some photos, there could be seen, two or three Nazis standing with their old looking photo cameras. All the photos had German numbers written on their back. I don't know what is going on in those photos and honestly, I don't want to.

Found nothing of use in the bunker, so I moved on.

Next thing that I stumbled upon, was a five-story building, the kind we see every day on the streets today, was also messy, a lot of holes in the buildings, windows broken, one of the apartments seemed like it was on fire. Every apartment I looked at had an Operator symbol drawn on it's walls, except for the burnt apartment, the burn apartment had a bunch of masks lying all over the place. Other than that, I found nothing of use in there, so I moved on.

After that building, I didn't stumble upon anything for a while, looking back on it now, it seemed like I was going through a time machine of sorts. It was like a horrible museum, that was representing the evolution of IT. First the old Village House, Then The Nazi Bunker and then a Modern Building. It seems like IT has the need to document, IT's progress through time, I am sure, that I missed a lot of other buildings that were in The Path, that represented IT's evolution, but I had no time to stick around and look for other such buildings, I had to move on.

The next place the path took me to...

I will have to talk about it in the next post, since we are currently leaving a town, the internet will be cut off.

Report #82 Ended.


  1. Make sure to tell me if you see good old JP's home. Y'know, the white box next to a beach?

    Just please tell me you didn't go on the beach if you did.


  2. Fuck, how did you cope in there for that long?

    About the numbers, I don't know how significant this is, but if you were a prisoner in a concentration camp they "took" your name away from you and tattooed a number on your forearm. Or they held you down and branded it on if the camp was run by even sicker shitbags. The point being, prisoners were identified by numbers, so that may have been what the numbers were.

    Also Nazis experimented with reattachment of limbs, specifically in Ravensbrück, that was a concentration camp for women, occasionally children. Mostly Polish, and Soviets and Germans too. Probably worth telling you the Russians were the ones to liberate Ravensbrück.

    1. It is because Nameless, A "God" Fear was Hitler he was making Names...

    2. Permit me to doubt you. ._. I thought it was because he was a bitter, power-hungry, antisemetic cunt. Besides, why would something from another Fear show up in the Path?

  3. YAY! You're back! Oh how I missed you! I would teleport there and hug you right away! But sadly, I am incapable of using The Path so often these days.

    So I'm on your side now...sorta.

    1. I know, he finally "fired" you, good, allows us not to be tracked by you.

      The only thing you're on, is my "To Kill List".

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. I heard your Kill List is an easy registry to get on.

      Aah, to be so organized you can make lists . . . I'm really rather envious.