Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Path, Part 3: Pale Girl

Report #84 2013, June 13th.

We are out of Germany, the reason I didn't post for a while, is because we were busy trying to drive through Germany safely. The place is a mess, crap load of crime scenes, everywhere, if Kelevra is somehow responsible for that, then how did he achieve that? He can't use The Path, so it is hard for me to understand how he possibly did all of that chaos, in such a short amount of time, without using The Path, over thinking it.

After me escaping the graveyard and those creatures I had to move quick, I heard more whispers coming up, more of them were coming, I had to get out. So I started running, not looking in what direction and eventually I fell downhill, when I got up, what I saw, well the forest changed drastically.

High trees, but this time, with bodies impaled on their branches, the bodies looked all dried out, as if something sucked all the blood out of them, one of the bodies was practically falling apart when the wind was blowing onto it, and when one piece of that body fell off, it didn't even hit the ground, it just fell apart in the air, into dust and got blown away be the wind.

But there was no time for thinking, I had to start running because behind me, I heard the same whispers. So I dove into this forest and ran. I ran until my legs physically couldn't do any more running, seemed like I lost them, but then I realized that I am lost now, I strayed from the gray path I was following and now I was lost. I wandered in that forest for a good couple of days, each minute I was looking around my shoulder, looking deep into the forest, to make sure that nothing was following me. And then, what happened next, well...

I wandered into a sun filled park, the grass was green, the sky was blue, the sun was bright, a lot of families were playing outside with their kids. For a second, I thought that I found an exit out of The Path, but then I saw a very familiar picture, a family, they were sitting at the park, having fun, their daughter was playing with a kite, her father was looking over her, so she wouldn't hurt herself or anything like that and her mother, she was taking pictures, with her photo camera...It was summer...year was 2000, I knew all too well that this vision was fake, because the family that I just described, they are all dead...

Once I figured out that it was only a vision, a sudden ultra sound struck such pain in my head, that I fell down to my knees because of how sudden it was. Once I opened my eyes, I was back in that god forsaken forest, through the ultra sound, I started hearing whispers, they were really close, but then, they suddenly stopped. I turned around, I thought that those creatures caught up and that is why the whispers stopped, but then I saw her. The same pale girl that I had encountered in the previous year, she knew who I was, I was pissed at her for showing me these visions, I got out my gun and started shooting at her, the bullets flew her way, but not one pierced her, as if they flew right through her.

I remember what happened last time I came in close contact with her, so the only option I had at the time, was running, the next place where my feet took me, was the beach and ther...

Internet is cutting off, I'll continue later.

Report #84 Ended.


  1. Thank you for posting this sir. I just cried for the first time in ages. It feels good to have an emotion.

  2. Oh god not a beach. No wonder you fucked up. Just...dang.