Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Path, Part 4: The German

Report #85 2013, June 16th.

We're out of Germany, and I think it is very fitting that this part is called "The German".

So, the beach...

Honestly Veigar/JP, I don't know what you were so worried about the beach, granted it had its line of "fucked up", but that wasn't really what sent me into my trance. In fact, The Beach, was rather really enjoyable.

Alright, allow me to explain. I was running from the skinny things and the pale girl and I ended up on the beach. Took me about 5 minutes to catch my breath and get up, when I looked around, I heard no whispers, nor did I see anyone behind me. I looked around and I saw nothing around, just the forest from which I just ran out, the shore and the sea. The sea was nothing special, simple sea.

So I started walking right, why right? I don't know, something that stuck with me from my hunting days, and I do mean real hunting, for deers and e.t.c. I used to always start with the right part of the forest during those days. After some time walking, I notice something, my reflection, it isn't mine, guess who it was. Kelevra, it was his reflection in the sea, but he was different, he was dressed in a priests outfit, at the time I had no idea what it meant, thats what I would have said if I didn't get mind fucked in the path. But I knew all too well what it meant, I was just trying to block it out, been trying to do that for the past 23 years.

Getting off topic. I stared at the reflection for some seconds, then the reflection started talking, it was saying something in...I don't know, seemed like Italian. Then he got an axe, and the reflection quickly came to life, jumping out of the water, trying to chop my head the fuck off. I fell down trying to dodge the swing, the reflection toppled over me, and tried a second attempt, this time I reacted quickly and grabbed it's axe in mid-air, the sharp tip of the axe was an inch away from my neck, during all of that time, the reflection was constantly yelling, in English this time, "I will Absolve You!". When suddenly he just stopped, got up and walked off into the water, like nothing even happened.

Confused, looking at the water into which it just walked off, I suddenly saw a hand appear in front of my face, an old wrinkly hand and a voice was saying "Need a hand?". Someone was offering me to get up, the sun was blocking out the person, so I rolled out of the way and got up on my own. Once the sun cleared out, I saw an old man standing in front of me, he showed no traces of danger, but I was still on my toes, the place was "Mindfuck-ville".

The man looked at me and said "You move pretty fast for your age".

I answered "I'm ---, not that old".

He said back "Really? You look like you're 60" it is true, I need to shave my beard.

After that, the old man just used his staff to move back to a bench from which he got up and just casually sat down. I stood in one place, quiet for about a minute, waiting for something to happen, but he just sat still, looking at the sea. Then he said:

"Are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to take a seat?"

That meant the old guy wanted to talk, but I wasn't going to sit down, this is the conversation we had:

I: "Who are you?"

O.M.: "I believe, a "drifter" would fit my description well, but I prefer The German"

I: "Why the drifter?"

O.M.: "Because I go where the wind takes me"

I: "Why The German?"

O.M.: "Well that should be obvious from my accent, I believe you are Russian, yes?"

I: "Accent?"

O.M.: "Yeah, gives away your nationality, very easily."

I: "How did you end up here?"

O.M.: "Same way many people did."

I: "IT?"

O.M.: "So thats what you call him?"

I: "So you're a proxy?"

O.M.: "A what? Sorry son, I might be a bit lost on time, I've been stuck here for a while."

I: "Let me put it in a different way, were you stalked by IT?"

O.M.: "Oh yes, that little game of cat and mouse, drove me here, been stuck here for the past fifty years."

I: "How can you tell for how long you have been stuck here?"

O.M.: "You figure things out when you are stuck here for that long."

I: "So you never found a way out?"

O.M.: "Never went looking for it, I like it in here, it's quite, pretty, I practically never move from this spot, sit here, wait until the day I die."

I: "Really?" I showed him my scars "Doesn't look to peaceful to me."

O.M.: "It's because you attacked them, now you are of importance to them, so for you, it won't be peaceful in here, so you might want to get out of here as soon, as you can, just like a lot of other young fellows I've seen go through here."

I: "Right, so why did you never go looking for a way out? Too hard? Gave up?"

O.M.: "No, as I said, its quite in here, now I don't know what year it is in that other world right now, but before I was a target, I was an old man who was peacefully enjoying his life, in his little farm house. And then city's came and a lot of people like me, were forced to move out of our little paradise homes, because they were signed for demolition, at the time we didn't complain much, because we were assured to be moved into one of the buildings when the city gets built." He took off his hat, scratched his bald head and continued "So I lived in a city and I tell you, city is power".

I: At this point I decided to sit down "If city is power, then why don't you want to go back?"

O.M.: "City is an evil power, strong arrive, become weak, the city takes away the power" he looked into my eyes "It took yours too".

I: I sat there for a couple of minutes, honestly, he was right, it was getting really hot, so I got out a bottle of water, before drinking it myself, I proposed the water to him.

O.M.: He just shook his head and declined.

I: "I don't mind, I have more"

O.M.: "Whats good for the Russian is death for the German"

I: "What's that?"

O.M.: "An old Russian saying. Enough about me, why are you here? Running away?"

I: "Actually, I came in here myself."

O.M.: "One of his servants?"

I: "No, not really, came here looking for some answers, tips, clues, anything really."

O.M.: "Rarely see fellows like you go through here, mostly it is either a person who tries to run away from him, or his servants."

I: "Speaking of servants, how are you still alive? You're obviously not one of them."

O.M.: "Oh they walk right past me, without even noticing me, do you know why? Because I don't matter."

I: "So that is why they call you a drifter?"

O.M.: "I guess so."

I: At that point I realized that I had to move, I've been in one place for too long, I got up and said my goodbyes.

O.M.: He yelled out to me as I was walking away "Be careful! And go with God!"

After that I walked off into the forest, I'm not a religious person, I don't believe in God, I used to, but then I realized that he didn't exist. God was going to sit that one out.

Losing Internet connection, also Rest in Peace Yaro, a young soul who was taken away, way to early.

And Alicia, get it together, what has happened, happened and you know it as well as I do, but still, my condolences.

Report #85 Ended.


  1. Hmmm. Maybe that's the price for being immune to Denizens.

    Beaches fucking hate me.


    1. What usually happens on the beach?

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. Hallucinations, sand turns to quicksand, water tries to kill me, very loud screeching noises, and a reflection battle like you had.


  2. Yes, Yaro was taken way too soon, thank you.

    I'm trying to get it together but ... sigh. I'll do my best.

    1. You're strong, you'll manage.

      - Mr. Incognito.

  3. That saying made me chuckle sir. I'll have to remember to only offer Russians cups of tea rather than Germans. There, now I owe Vikady a keyboard and you a cup of tea.

    As for city drainy energy thing, I've grown up zipping between the city and the countryside, between well-off and poor. The city can get overwhelming, the countryside can get lonely. Pros and cons to both.

    Also how is Mendella... I really shouldn't be concerned for Fear servants, should I? But he's sentient.

    1. I know we said that he would have to post here regularly so we could tell if he is alive, or not. But we found a way to stay in contact with him without posting anything on here.

      He is alright, currently he is in Scotland.

      Your concern is appreciated.

      - Mr. Incognito.

    2. Tell him thanks for the advice on the gunshot wound. And thank you sir for the advice on my shoulder. It made me less of a physical and mental disaster. Otherwise I would look an even easier target. Also I learned my pain threshold is pretty good.