Sunday, January 6, 2013

Report #41 2013, January 6th.
I was in the right.

Happy fucking new year everyone, happy fucking new year!

So the final answer is, I was in the fucking right for all these ten years, nothing lasts, nothing FUCKING EVER lasts! But I knew it, I was prepared, not a fool, remained sharp, when everyone else forgot themselves, they were no soldiers, they left themselves open, they are all dead.

Let me explain in a way you will understand, I have a lot of free time, yes 5 minutes is a lot of time, trust me. So I will be able to explain what happened trough this very long time, with me, with them, with everything. So as I said in my last post, I started going on missions with them, I was assigned into an elimination squad, by elimination I of course mean killing of proxies and sometimes, demented runners. Over that course of time I was not allowed to use the PC for purposes such as posting my status on the internet, or checking up on others and quite frankly I didn't mind. I spent a month killing proxies, the most killing I have ever done, because, back when I was all by myself, I had a hard time locating where they were. These guys, they fucking knew everything and thanks to them, I did a lot of damage, over the course of this month, we attacked, were ambushed by IT's lackeys both, supernatural and "normal".  But we always were able to fight them off, or disappear before they could even lay a finger on us.

But one day, which was today, hence the 5 minutes I still have, IT fucking decided to deal with us personally, apparently we did enough damage to gain IT's attention and he surely dealt with us. Me and my Squad we were riding in a car which was given to us by this Organization, we were on our way to one of the Proxy bases, which by now, I think, was complete and utter bullshit. Of course this base had to be near the road which was surrounded by forest and all that other grand, spectacular shit. I was riding in the back seat, out of fucking nowhere IT appears in front us, IT was different, IT's head shifted in such ways, I can't describe it, nor do I want to. In a second the car was turned on it's head, my squad members and I myself, we were grabbed out of the car by those, long fucking arm's of he's, the screams, the bone crunching noises, the smacking against the pavement, trees, anything that was hard, as if my body went trough hell itself and it probably did. I don't know what I got hit against, since during that grand time, the only thing I was thinking about was the pain and the only thing I saw were my Squad members getting hit against everything like rag dolls. I almost fucking die, I can feel it, bones shattered, ribs broken, several bones dislocated in ways I could never imagine before and crap load of blood loss. Yeah I was dead, too bad I wasn't though, cause if I was, I wouldn't be feeling the pain I feel right now.

I go unconscious, IT thinks I'm dead, leaves, but I'm not dead. That is why I have time, IT doesn't realize that I'm still alive, how do I know that? Well, IT had the intention of killing us, I can't explain how I know, I just felt it and IT wouldn't leave without finishing the job, so yeah until I post this, I'm invisible. You might ask "Why do you post it then?", well because IT will find out eventually that I am still alive, so yeah, no point in hiding, there never was any point.

Not going to explain how I am still alive, or where I currently am, that will be giving away, one of my Ace's, I don't really usually have a lot of those. But I can tell you my current plan, that plan is simple, going back to the place where all my torture started, that's right, back to Lithuania, town of Visaginas.

That fucking town.

Report #41 Ended.

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  1. Oh noes! The killing of Proxies! I'm so lucky I'm on the other side of the world!