Sunday, January 20, 2013

Report #46, 2013 January 20th
High Tailing.

Currently in my Van, drove away from the hotel a long time ago, currently in the middle of a street, stopped to type this.

So I was about to get ambushed at my room, I saw six people going towards the hotel I was staying in, out my window, I also saw in the reflection of a window in the opposite building that there were about six guys on the roof, all of them wearing hoods. Yup I was getting ambushed, I needed to take them out, but I wasn't going to waste my time.

I quickly got out of my room, rand down the corridor, got out trough the window and jumped, yes it's the fourth floor, but that is why I conveniently parked my Van under the window, and place a blow up mattress on it's roof, did that yesterday in the middle of the night when Kelevra broke into my room and delivered me he's "Present". Landing was ruff but I can't complain too much, once I was out of the room, I drove off to a safe distance.

Here's the juicy part, before leaving the room, I put 2 fire extinguishers near an oven with open gas (Yes that hotel was THAT crappy). Last night I put a blow torch on the shelf next to the oven, I connected it's handle with a wire to the door handle. Once they had opened the door I could hear an explosion as I was driving away, I looked into my rear window and saw fire coming out of my room's window.

Currently am on my way towards a town in Belgium, to meet up with someone, the drive will take a couple of hours, so I'll see you then.

Report #46 put on hold...

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