Sunday, January 20, 2013

Report #47, 2013 January 21st.
An Owl on a Tree.

Yesterday I have arrived at my point of destination, I agreed to meet up with one person, that person was Alicia Owly, I offered her help since I was not that far away from where she was and she agreed.

The place I told her to meet me at was a cafe (It's not important what cafe, or where it was), when I arrived, I was thinking, how would I be able to identify her, she could easily identify me since I gave her my clothing description in an e-mail, but I still had no idea how she looked like.

But it didn't prove to be hard to identify her since she was the only one in that cafe that resembled a young girl who was running away from home. She also had a laptop with her, so I walked up to her and asked if she was, who I was looking for. The conversation went as follows:

I: "You, Alicia?"

She looked up at me, analyzing my clothing, making sure if I was the person that told her to meet up over here.

A: "Uh...Yes."

I: ""This is Incognito, I got what you need, it's in the van outside, a couple of steps away from the cafe."

I saw uncertainty in her eyes, she was questioning weather she could trust me, or not, I don't have anything against that, if I were her, I would still be questioning if I could trust a person who literally came out of nowhere and offered help.

A: "Ah,sorry I lost track of time.I didn't know it was that late already."

She got up.

 A: "Ok...lets go then."

While we were walking towards my Van, considering a recent break down she had, I asked her how she was holding up. She responded with:

A: "As good as possible, considering the situation.And you?"

She then asked the same question, I had nothing to answer, but "Dead as always" since that's how I really feel about this situation and that is how I managed to survive for such a long time. She seemed rather sad at that remark, I don't blame her, but I didn't arrive to make friends, I arrived to help out, that is it.

When we got to my Van I gave her a credit card, I have plenty of those, they belong to a lot of proxies which I have killed over the course of my "running". She thanked me, I didn't really react.

After that she tried to make conversation.

A: "Its good to see a fellow runner for once."

I: "Maybe, I can't really tell."

After that I offered her a weapon (I had a lot of those), she agreed, I opened the stash in which I keep all my weaponry and told her to pick any non firing weapon. There was only one firing weapon I could offer her, since she looked like she never fired a gun before, but she declined, can't blame her, not all of us have the focus to aim a gun in a situation like this. She took a battle knife, I believe I got that one off of one Proxy who was an ex-marine, not sure though.

Afterwards I asked her if she had any certain point of destination she wanted to travel to.

A: "Uh..I don't really have one, I'm just wandering from place to place."

So I thought trough a little bit, and offered her to stick with me for a while, since she has a Fear after her called "Cold Boy" apparently this Fear appears when a person is lonely, or something like that, didn't do enough research on this particular one yet. This way, she doesn't feel like alone and that Fear doesn't come after her, offering her some time to rest. She agreed.

I don't know if I'm doing the right thing here, or am I just endangering her further, I'm not really that sure of why I'm doing this. Probably because if I didn't help innocent people, I would be another psychopath who enjoys killing proxies.

Afterwards we drove off, but not far, it was middle of the night when we met up, I drove for about an hour, during that time she fell asleep, I stopped feeling tired myself, but I didn't fall asleep, didn't want to, I was just exhausted from holding the steering wheel so damn much. I stayed awake whole night, looking around for any danger, now it's 7:35 AM, she's still sleeping, at 9 AM I will start driving again.

Report #47 Put on hold...

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