Thursday, January 24, 2013


Evening biotches! As you have guessed by the manor of speaking it is I the one, the only, KELEVRA! No round of applause is required I'm just for a moment.

So Incognito, I see you found yourself a new friend, saaaaay isn't she a little young for you old timer? HA!

Sooooo yeah, hacking stuff, having fun, enjoying it, oh if your wondering, not me who's hacking, I never understood this computer mumbo jumbo, hullaballoo.

Yeah, yeah I can hear everyone going "Oh how original" but ya know what puppies, fuck ya'll! 

Alright back to the point...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!? YOUR WASTING TIME YOU FUCKING IDIOT! LEAVE HER AND GO TO THE POINT WHERE I TOLD YOU TOO! I mean fuck me is it really that hard to do!? For fucks sake!

Also...Owl? was it? Boy, your Mom musta reaaaaally loved ya to name you "Owl" He-Ha-Larious! School musta been a pain. Anyways, why I threw that picture at'cha, fun fact, I didn't, well Physically I did, but it was a..."request"? Yeah we can call it like that, a request. From someone, so yeah, I have no interest in you gal pal, too young for me...ah fuck it, if I can skull fuck a grown dude, I can surely skull fuck a girl, HA!

Seriously tough, GET BACK ON TRACK! FUCK FACE!

TTFN, Ta Ta For Now Niggaz! (Yah I said it, sue me!)

- Kelevra

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  1. Insulting me, you're doing it wrong. If Owly (not owl) had been my real name it would have been my last name. I don't see how my mother had anything to do with my last name. (Besides hers being the same)

    You sure talk a lot about me while claiming to have no interest in me. But I'm not gonna waste anymore time responding to your nonsense. <x3