Monday, January 14, 2013

Report #43, January 14th.
Fully Healed.

As the title states, I am fully healed, some wounds hurt of course, but its nothing compared to when those wounds were open. Spent a whole day packing, will be on a move towards Lithuania, will take me good two weeks so might be silent for a while, since I got no idea if I will be able to get Internet in places I will stop at along the road.

My travel plan is consist of traveling from Paris (yes, that is where I currently am) trough following countries: From Paris I will be going towards Belgium, from Belgium to Germany,  from Germany to Poland, from Poland to Lithuania. If any of you are located in current countries, I can afford to waste some time in order to visit you, drop you off some supplies, weapons, money, anything really and then be on my way.

Been a long week, been quite too, it helps when they don't know where you are, I was able to mend my wounds in peace which is a rare thing for me, I will be taking off tomorrow, I already plan on visiting someone along the way. Not going to tell who, since I don't like to reveal things early on, though some people might already know who I speak of.

Also, to whom it may concern, I got another e-mail today, unknown address as usual, another picture, partially I know what it means, but I won't say, since I think you will all get what it means, I don't like wasting time on needless details.

With this, I am closing this report, will leave tomorrow at 5 PM.

Report #43 Ended.

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