Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Report #42 2013, January 7th.
Slowly getting back.

I'm stuck to my bed for a couple of weeks, have to mend my wounds, yesterday, it hurt every single muscle in my body to type Report #41, but today, it doesn't hurt that much. My parents once told me as a kid that I heal like a dog, and that is true, my endurance has always been extremely high (Thank you USSR).

While I was gone a lot has happened, Lisa "joined" IT and became IT's "third form" whatever that means, seen her type on other people's blogs,don't like it, but can't really do anything, so I just forget and move on.

According to many blogs, lots of Fears are joining together, don't know if that involves IT, if so, survival chances are getting slim, but for such occasions there are always back up plans.

A lot of "supernatural" started up blogs, forget the word "runner" these days someone always has a special "ability", irritates me a little bit, since I would like some of that power, but whatever, I cope with what I have and that is blood, sweat and more blood. Always been like that, always will be.

I got this in my mail:

 I know slightly what this means, the people in my squad that were killed are crossed out, except for me, I guess they wanted to tell me, that they knew that I was still alive, but I think that's an overkill with red color on the last soldier.

Also before I forget, I got sent this today, have a listen (If it ain't working, I'm going to have to update it later):

Apparently this is the same guy who was in my Van all this time, while I was with the organization. I don't really know what he wants with me and what is he's beef with me, this is getting interesting.

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