Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Report #49 2013, January 30rd.

Why? Why are those dreams following me? Why do they keep haunting me? Who is this family I keep seeing in my dreams? Why does it not turn into a nightmare? Why does it not turn into something horrifying? Like all of my life has been lately? This can't be my desire, I don't want that, never wanted that.

Every time I fall asleep, that family, just having a picnic, same image, same thing, all of this, after the encounter with her, that woman, what has she done to me? Who was she? I would say I'm getting distracted here, but this is clearly an issue, something is going on with me, someone, or something is playing games with me and they are doing it from a distance, going to start tying myself up when I go to sleep, who knows what I'm doing while I'm asleep, if I even am doing anything.

Seems like Alicia gave up on her blog, her decision to make, I have this blog for only recording purposes and that is it. Though I sincerely wish good luck to her.

A lot of action is headed her way, good thing I left Belgium just in time, I would have taken her with me, but couldn't find her in all that commotion and I had to get out of that country for good, real fast. On a plus side, IT will be occupied in Belgium, I have time to research and find out what is so important about my home country, why does this Kelevra want me there so badly. On my way there.

Maybe I will find out what happened to me there, why do I keep having those dreams.

Report #49 Put on hold...

Report #49 Continued

I'm seeing things.

Report #49 Ended.

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