Saturday, January 19, 2013

Report #45, 2013 January 19th.

I'm being hunted by someone, or something, I feel it every time I walk into this shitty room, they are already here, don't know weather  it's IT, Proxies, or something else. Whatever, all of my escape routes are prepared, ready to blow it in case some shit goes down.

Yesterday, when I fell asleep (Something I didn't experience for a while), I started getting images of a family again, I don't know what those dreams mean, but they never have an ending, or anything happening in them, just a family enjoying it's picnic, talking about grades of their kids, and all those other things.

When I woke up, I was sweating bullets, not out of fear, not out of shock, I was just sweating like crazy, I had a feeling, like something was off.

Since that night, I have been on the edge, vary of every little sound, paranoia? No. Awareness more like it, something will happen, I feel it, problem is, I don't know when.

According to some blogs, a lot of people are going towards Belgium, I don't know why, but I don't like it and at the same time I do. Negative side, a lot of attention will be attracted here, plus side, a chance to find out some information.

Not sleepy, going to go and check up on supplies.

Report #45 Put on hold...

Report  NUMBAH 44 is continuing!


Missed me? Of course ya did, don't mind me, I'm in Incognitos computer, just to leave him a fun little file.

You people at Belgium have such delicious shit, just my God!

Ok uploaded it, whatchu think guys will he like it? Hmmm better make sure he surely likes it by adding another present. There, now isn't it just the cutest little thing?

Welp I oughta be off, remember eat your vitamins, keep your heads up, drink lotsa milk and never go taking a dump near a poison Ivy....oh silly me it's winter, welp there goes my joke.

Oh look at that Mr. Grumpinito is coming back.

Ciao boys and girls, also, remember, it's all about destruction, TTFN, Ta Ta For Now.

- Kelevra.

Report #45 Put on Hold MUDAFUCKAS!...

Report #45 Continued

Fuck me sideways, where the fuck did he come from? This is fucking ridiculous, he couldn't have climbed trough a window, fourth floor. No trace's of door breaking, he wouldn't have enough time to lock pick, was he here the whole time? Impossible, I checked everything before I decided to stay here.

Took me so long to respond because, he left a fucking head on my table, sick fuck left a decapitated head on my table, took me some time to dispose of it (It's really hard to carry a decapitated head and look normal). Thank God it's night, not many people were outside, I covered the head with a coat, found and alley and burned it. When came back, was busy wiping off blood.

He left me a file, I looked at it, it isn't meant for me, this fuck wants to use me as a messenger. Not going to say to who this is addressed to, not important in this post. I knew something was going to happen, tough I'm not moving, I'm sure that sick fuck acted of he's own accord, not on IT's behalf. Yes I'm willing to take such a stupid move like not going to another place just because someone left a decapitated head on my table. I have a whole plan for this place in case of attack, I'm not moving that easily.

Though I'm not going to sleep tonight that's for sure, I wonder what this fuck wants with me.

Report #45 Put on Hold...