Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Report #48 2013, January 29th.
Back to basics.

As stated before by Kelevra, I'm still breathing, still moving, still alive.

Me and Alicia were staking out a building, I wanted information, figured if I stick around for a while, I'll find someone who might provide it. Partially I was right.

Me and Alicia were blinded by a light which came out of the building, went to investigate, Alicia got taken as a meat shield by a proxy who snicked up behind us, drew my gun, couldn't shoot because Alicia was in the way, I could shoot trough her to get to him, but then that would make me no different than them.

Luckily Alicia was able to get out of the proxies grip and roll away, allowing me to take a shot, but this guy was fast he instantly went after her, looked like he was going for the kill, couldn't take that chance, shot him in the head. Alicia knew him, it was that psychologist guy who helped her out when she became a part of this game, didn't care.

We were leaving the town since there was nothing there that could interest me anymore, when a bug splat onto the Van's window, Alicia freaked out, took me 10 seconds to realize why, was too late, Alicia pointed forward showing a swarm of bugs flying at us. Had to turn the Van around, wasn't very successful, road was too slippery, ended up crashing into a street lamp, stopping the car dead in it's track.

Alicia reacted fast, threw me a can of raid and ran out of the car real fast, had to grab something for a weapon before running after her. I always kept a Remington 870 Shotgun, Rugged and Reliable, handy for crowd control. Got it fast and along with my Colt 45 which I always keep with me and my shooting knife which I also keep with me, I started running after Alicia, she was stopped by creatures that looked like crabs, I'm not sure, had to improvise, rolled the can of raid at those crabs and started shooting it with my Remington, took me 3 scattered shots to finally hit the can, which caused a small explosion making a small gap between the crab things. Alicia ran trough, but I was close lined backwards by one of their claws. Reacted fast, got Remington ready as I hit the floor, I started shooting in hopes of slowing them down, told Alicia to run, before she did that, she threw me her can of raid, it fell under the crab thing's feet (Or whatever they stand on) couldn't reach it, thought was going to die, shots were doing nothing, bullets sometimes bouncing off, sometimes penetrating the muscle, still had no effect.

Out of nowhere I heard a Sniper rifle shot, one of the crab things fell down, there was another sniper shot and another crab thing fell, someone was covering my ass, their fire allowed me to get to the can of raid and run back to the Van. remaining crab things gave chase, knew wouldn't do shit and the sniper wasn't shooting anymore, had to improvise.

Outran them, gave me a couple of extra minutes to get to my Van, get all credit cards , some bullets for my Colt 45 and Remington, my machete and a flash drive with lots of info on it. Got out, put the can of raid into the Van's gas hole, waited for the crab things to get close, once they did, ran to a safer distance, thought of letting them run after me and then shooting the Van in the Gas Hole, underestimated them, they were faster then I thought, caught up to me, had to blow up the Van while I was near it, but because one of the crabs jumped on me completely (Which may have shattered a couple of ribs), that crab sucked up all the explosion, still was enough to knock me out for a whole day.

Next thing I know, I'm in a new car, new laptop only with my Remington, Colt 45, Credit Cards, bullets, shooting knife and a machete. Apparently Kelevra was the one to give me the car and the laptop, was he the one shooting with the sniper rifle? Don't know, don't care, since I couldn't locate Alicia, I started making my way out of Belgium.

Report #48 Put on hold...


  1. Good to know you're alright. If you see that proxy (kelevra or whatever)kick him in the nuts for me ok?

    1. If I ever find him, but honestly, I think I won't have to look for him, he is always on my tail.

      Good to hear your alive.

      - Mr. Incognito.