Thursday, January 17, 2013

Report #44, January 18th.

Took me a week to get from France to Belgium, staying in a small ass hotel for the weekend. Currently at the town of Kortrijk, don't care if they read this blog and track me down, they won't get enough time to surprise me.

This town is good enough, lots of buildings, lots of people, love the sound of numerous crowds under the window, means there's life.

The driving was quiet, at the beginning could see it occasionally at the corner of my eye, but recently, didn't see IT at all, either setting up for something, or is too busy, don't care, I'm prepared.

It will take me probably a week to get out of this country after the weekends. Really hard to drive when you had no sleep, for crap load of night's.

Going to go get some sleep, might update this report today, we'll see.

Report #44 Put On Hold...

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