Monday, January 28, 2013

Interceptiona messagona numbera toona.

No worries people! He's still breathing, saved he's ass a second time. Incognito, when you go out, you don't get yourself almost killed got it!? I still need you mah boy!

Sadly for him he's Van went KAPLOWY in the midst of all that commotion, I'm sure he'll fill you in when eh wakes up, won'cha buddy? Sure ya will.

How many times must I tell you not to align yourself with bad company, they bring bad vibes onto you! But now that, that little distraction is gone, MOVE TO LITHUANIA YOU FUCK!


Ehem, sorry, lost my cool, anyways, the only thing I could salvage from he's now exploded Van are he's numerous credit cards and that is it. All he's armory, went kabloowy along with all the tech, he ain't gonna be happy bout that. But lucky for him, I gave him a free car which he currently is in and a laptop which I stole from a runner...what? Even us the EBIL peeps need a little bit of entertainment, ok!?

Welp I'll leave ya to yer sleep Incogny, no worries he ain't coming after you for a while, he's distracted with others right now, your in a safe zone right now.

 Well TTFN, Ta Ta For Now Hermano!

- Kelevra.

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