Thursday, May 30, 2013

Medicine #3: Viktor Zoy

As suggested by Sanna, I decided to try and let Incognito listen to his favorite song, I have no idea how I could forget such a detail, he was and still is a big fan of this singer, Viktor Zoy a man that died too early, trying to save a girl from a car that was about to run her over.

Anyways, for those of you who are interested in the song, you can listen to it here. For those of you who are music enthusiasts and are actually wondering what is being sung in this song, you can check out the English lyrics in description.

I had to play the song about 3 times in order to get a reaction from him, his body shook for a second as if his soul just came back into his body, he started moving, very slowly, he started moving his eyes, he is looking around right now, not understanding where he is.

He is now capable of movement, but I think that his mind is still asleep.


  1. It's progress at the very least. I assume he's stopped killing?

  2. So if stuff about his past jogs his memory, show him such things, if you have something left over from your KGB days, do a show-and-tell. Found a picture of a burnt forest and a pipe in Report #6, where it all started for him, so maybe show it to him. You say he was good at card games, bluffing specifically, try to get him to play poker or something.

    To get past the final few bounds though, you might just have to whack the sleeping lion on the nose and remind him of his past... good luck and stay safe sir.