Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Medicine #2: Tazer

Alright, so I decided to give him a little bit of a shock, see if he would react.

In result, nothing, not a groan, not a cough, not a blink, all he did is shake his body a little and that's it, which means that his body is operating perfectly fine, the problem is in his brain, or mind, overall it's his mental state.

I think, Rose was the one that suggested that I tell him something from his past, it might snap him back, but problem is...

Well his past isn't pretty believe you me, you might say that none of our pasts are "pretty", but the problem is not in how horrid the past is, it is in how the person reacts to it.

Incognito took it harsh, he blocked it away completely, in fact he started killing because of it.

I once tried to talk to him about it, but he nearly sliced my neck, I'm dead serious. I don't want to risk it, I'll try everything else, and will try the past thing only as a last resort.

Hope I don't have to though.


  1. The Path does this to people...I've seen it before... HA warned him....

  2. Your right about The Past thing, it depends on how a person reacts to it, I mean look at me, I react to my past perfectly fine.

    Anyways, don't accidentally kill him, I would help, but I have no idea how, this depends only on Incognito.

    I believe you wouldn't tell us what had happened to Incognito, if we asked you, right?

    Pity, I tried looking things up on him, but there is nothing about Incognito in our database, everyone can match a KGB agent description, can't zero him out.

  3. No one needs to know what happened to him, fuck I probably would've kept the 18th May events to myself if Snowblind hadn't broadcasted it on my blog.

    Now this took some bloody painful archive digging but I recalled him mentioning a song, he associated with happier memories, found it in this post here. Might be a way to jog his memory without putting yourself in too much danger.

  4. Fuck me, girl you just helped me out, that's his most favorite fuckin' song. He's been listenin' to it for a very long time, shit I might just try it, good find.