Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Judgment Entry #1

This is not Mr. Incognito, this is The Judgment, although, these days I prefer to be called Mendella.

I promised to report my progress on this blog, in order for Incognito to read up on what I had found out, or if I was alive. Incognito seems to be still away, but he's plan in confusing Kelevra worked perfectly, shows that The Path can get confused and tricked, Kelevra can't track Incognito and is forced to follow me now. That plan worked, I pray that Incognito survives his trip into the path.

Onto my report, took out a line of proxy bases in Romania, mostly old abandoned warehouses, sometimes churches. Been operating in Romania for about a week now, took out about 8 proxy bases in different towns, some operations were silent, some noisy, some required guns, some required explosions.

Going to stay in Romania and try to work my way up the food chain, go for The Oracle, the way I figured, every country is assigned one, I have all the right to believe that once The Oracle is taken out, The Proxies start to get confused, sloppy, they become easy pickings, which makes it easier for runners in Romania to survive.

That's my plan so far.

Current body count - 103

Good luck Vikady and Incognito.


  1. Now that's just a pile of horse shit, no way you could have planned on confusing the path.

    1. hes a creation of a fear. not impossible that he knows how your fucked up little world works, right??

  2. hello Mendella sir! i'm sanna. i wish i could type properlly but i wwas shot. your killcount is morbidly impressive.

    is there a way to ensure they cant pick a new oracle??

    1. They probably can, but still, even a a small gap of time of proxies getting lost, could be enough to let a couple of runners get out safely.

      Tie something above the wound, make the blood flow slow down, use something like a belt, rope, or something else like that.

      Try to locate some alcohol to pour down on that wound, will sting like a bitch, but it will protect the wound from any infections.

      Find a piece of wood when applying alcohol to the wound, put it in your mouth, so you can bite o nit, when the pain strikes.

      - Mendella

    2. yeh I slowed the blood flow, although the exit wound is kind of persisetnt. not too hard to get alcohol in Blacpkool; i'll give that a go.

  3. A reformed hero eh? Welcome to the right side sir!

    1. I'm no hero, a hero does not kill a dozen of people, but I am reformed.

      Suffice to say, that there is no "right" side, I'm just fulfilling my purpose, which is inflicting justice on those who deserve it. It so happens that proxies tend to fit into that category perfectly.

      But in any way, thank you.

      - Mendella.

  4. I would say something.

    But then you'd come find us and kill us.


  5. A good plan Mendella, create your own account, so people don't get confused on who is commenting.

    Mendella, you know what to do if a month runs out, good luck and don't die.

    - Mr. Incognito.

  6. Between you in Romania, Arkady in Arizona and Kelevra in Blackpool, Proxies everywhere are getting their asses wooped. This is good. I should join in on this.. But I can't leave Yaro behind. Bah.

    I don't know any Proxy locations in Belgium anyway. :/