Monday, May 13, 2013

Judgment Entry #2

Spent weeks taking on waves, after waves, after waves of proxies. Once they were aware of my presence, their losses, they quickly located my base of operations, kept on sending their men at me, non stop. In the end, had to blow up my warehouse, bought me enough time, but those attacks were not a waste of time. I know where the Romanian Oracle is located, in fact I am currently near the building he is at, it's a big building, a business building.

Sitting in my car, looking at where the guards are located, a lot of people working at that building, not sure if innocent, or proxy. Need to research, take a look around, form a plan, need to go to a safer distance.

This operation will take up weeks of planning, but must be done.

People seem to be in a hurry in that building, not that they are running around, but they are twitchy, I can see it.

Something's up, need to relocate, by the time they read this, I will be gone.

Weeks of planning, plotting, thinking, weeks, weeks...

Mendella, out.


  1. There is a possibility that there is a mix of proxy and innocents.

    At any rate, good luck sir.

    1. Agreed.

      And yes, use lots of planning, I'll do that too next time. Because barging into an intrusion hive s not something I want to do without planning first again.

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    1. Oh look, another obedient doggy of our lord and master.

      Bark for me, please.