Thursday, May 9, 2013

Case File #3 - Curse of The Amber Room.

The Case:

I'm not sure if you are all familiar with the concept of The Amber Room, if you are interested then feel free to read  up on it online, has a lot of information about it. I will try to give a short summary of this mysterious case for those who are unfamiliar.

The Amber Room was a big ass room made out of gold, it was given as a gift to the Russian Tsar Peter The Great in 1717, it was disassembled and sent to Russia, but since none of the architects in Russia didn't know how to put it back together, it remained packed and disassembled.

After a couple of years, Nazi's broke into Russia and looted The Amber Room for themselves and shipped it away. Ever since then, The Amber Room was lost, nobody could find it, nobody could locate it, it became a new sort of "Eldorado" for treasure hunters all over Europe, maybe even The World.

Our Agency worked on that case as well, but they abandoned it, when the researchers were coming up with no results, to much money was being wasted on something, that could have been easily destroyed a long time ago.

The investigation goes way back, before The KGB were named "KGB", and every time the case would get closed, since nothing really came up. But I'm not here to concentrate on the mystery of the room, I'm here to concentrate on the mysterious deaths that surround it.

People believe that the room is cursed, since anyone who was ever involved with its investigation has been found dead. The first death connected to the Amber Room was of Dr. Alfred Rohde and his wife. Dr. Rohde at the time, was the in control of the Amber Room as the director of the Konigsberg museum under the Nazi regime. He and his wife disappear later on, practically hours before their scheduled KGB (NKVD at the time) interrogation. People started pushing forward theories that he is indeed alive, Rhodes has been known to be able to slip out of the country for months unnoticed. Now we would easily assume that they had high tailed it out of the country, but the problem was, the files noted that the NKVD were keeping a close eye on the couple at all times once they had set up an interrogation date and for them to get out of the country, especially under the Nazi regime, would be impossible.

Second death was that of a Doctor who had signed Mr. Rhode's death certificate. According to the files, the Doctor did not disappear, he was found splattered on the ground as if someone throwing him out the window, with no evidence that it was murder, they pushed it aside as Suicide, reasons are unknown. And indeed, the only injuries on the guy were that of the damage from impact to the ground.

Third death is that of a farmer turned treasure hunter. Georg Stein took care of bringing back all the treasures to The Soviet Union from Germany, one of those treasures was The Amber Room. Georg Stein had found a couple of interesting things, a radio frequency that had been unknown for a very long time, and by that frequency he said that he thought, that he had found where The Amber Room was. After telling us about this discovery, we gave him permission to open up the case once again, but he was later found dead, he died in a forest in Southern Bavaria naked, stomach cut open. Assumed he committed suicide (Obvious bullshit).

My Involvement:

Being the Conspiracy Lunatic that I was, I wanted to investigate this, but I wasn't given permission to open up the case, for reasons unknown. But I was later given permission to investigate, because another "Treasure Hunter" had found some evidence of knowledge where it could be, I am not going to give away this person's name, because he is still alive to this very day, still investigating The Amber Room. While he was concentrating on locating The Amber Room, I was concentrating on the deaths. I couldn't get their death cases separately because, KGB felt the need to align all of their deaths with The Amber Room Case File, so I had to get permission to investigate The Amber Room, in order to investigate the deaths behind it. Upon my investigation, and there were a couple of interesting things.

Although Mr. Rhode's body was never located, it is written that he's and his wife's death was caused by Typhoid.

The Doctor had injuries not only from falling, he also had the traces of glass in his face, which leads me to my question, if he was going to commit suicide, why didn't he just open the window and jump, no he went through the window head first, without even opening it, which means he was either in a hurry, or he was thrown out.

There was also a couple of info missing about Georg Stein, or ignored. Georg Stein was an Ex-Nazi, that was never noted in the KGB files, maybe because they thought it wasn't important. He was indeed found dead in the forest, naked, with his stomach wide open, what they neglected to mention for some reason, was that he was actually hanging from a tree.

In Summary:

There is obviously a lot of weird shit going around with The Amber Room mystery, and we have pretty solid evidence to connect Slendy to this mystery, the most notable is the death of Georg Stein, I mean I could easily assume it was a coincidence, if I had never found the "Hanging from a tree" part. No human being would be able to cut up a body, pick it up and hurl all the way onto a tree without leaving any traces of evidence. The Suicide theory is a pile of crap, I mean why would Stein go 300 miles away from his home, to commit suicide, not to mention how on earth was he able to cut up his stomach and climb onto a tree after cutting it up. It is said that he was going to meet someone there, also the radio frequency that Georg had found was stolen from him when he was killed.

Another connection, is that the first and second death were committed during The Nazi Regime and after that and Ex-Nazi dies. And we know where our tall friend might have originated from.


It was said that Slendy gets powerful from inflicting fear upon people, what if he used the Amber Room at the time, in order to create the whole "Amber Room Curse" fiasco, to make people be afraid of The Room and thus, be afraid of Slendy, that way he gained power. Or maybe the room has something special in it Slendy doesn't want for anyone to find.

Alright, that's it for today.


  1. Ha, sounds like Kelevra got to the Doctor.

    My money's on 'the room contains something that someone doesn't want found'. And that it's not something easily removable, or why take the entire room? Something hidden in the decoration?

    1. Or maybe the material itself is somehow valuable to Slendy. But why would a thin' like 'im be interested in gold?

      Somethin' fishy here.

  2. I am SO jealous you got to investigate this shiz sir!!! Why wasn't I born in a time of conspiracies?

    I don't know if it's accurate, but I read that the Amber Room has panels of amber, and amber is fossilised tree sap. Trees always seemed to have some tangential connection to Slendy. Most amber is orange, but you can get rare black varieties (think azoth), as well as blue, green, reddish-pink, etc.

    I think someone mentioned about Slendy's connection with Nazi Germany. It makes sense that they might have sought Fears. Making such discoveries makes a country more powerful, power is what those twisted fuckers wanted in the wake of the Treaty of Versailles.

    Just my thoughts. Still burning with jealousy that you got to investigate sir. NYYAAH.

    1. Ain't gonna lie, ya should be, the job was amazin', but had its limitations since the agency apparently didn' want me snoopin' round, And thus they didn' always give me permission to open certain cases.

    2. I think the tree sap theory has some potential. Maybe this amber is made from special tree sap connecting to slendy. Hence It's connection to the room.

      Not like we can test this. Unless we get our hands on said amber. Oh well.

    3. That could be very possible.

    4. Limitations? Well that's annoying. Still a toss up between random intelligence agency and investigative journalism for me. When/if all this shit is over with.

      The amber this room has in it -- is there any way of knowing where it was sourced from?

    5. Impossible, nobody was interested in Amber at the time, everyone were more concerned with gold that was on top of it.

    6. Fuck gold. Pure gold doesn't even look like gold. It's all soft and shit. And fuck diamonds while we're there. They look like freakin glass.

      Convienient, though. Maybe the gold was to draw away attention from something else. How big was this room, how easy would it be to dissemle?

    7. Imagine an average living room, somewhere like that.

      I doubt the gold was to draw attention away from the wood, the room was supposed to be a gift to the Tsar, and at that time Gold was very valuable.

      Pretty easy if you have a group of Nazis working on it.

    8. Sanna, gold's gold. If it doesn't look like pure gold, it doesn't look like gold. And the stuff is amazing. You hold it and you literally feel the aura coming off of it. The weight of wealth. The prize of alchemy. No other metal looks like it, and it never corrodes.

      *cough* Sorry.

      I agree the gold may have been used as a cover for the amber, given how distracting it is. The gold would have got the room and by extension the amber to the Tsar, although why I have no idea.

  3. Any news on Incognito's current situation?

    - Mendella.

    1. Dude, he just went in only yesterday, 'course not.

  4. Don't forget the man who designed it. Died only a few years after it was done.

    1. That too, but we didn't have a file on his death, since it was a looong time ago.