Saturday, May 25, 2013

Head Ache.

Alright, thanks to few people, the bandaged fuck was able to pin point our location, I was answering Mednella's comment on The Fuck's blog, when suddenly I see a "peek a boo" comment from Kelevra, turn around and he slams my head against the keyboard, the keyboard snapped in two and made my go unconscious. So I don't know what he did to Incognito while I was out.

But when I woke up, in the middle of the night, stick with me on this one, Incognito's wounds were closing up on their own, the bleeding from his nose, ears and mouth had stopped. It wasn't like I woke up and saw him as good as new, no, I actually saw how the wounds were closing up, in fact they are closing up right now, it's like his body is healing itself, while his mind is unconscious.

I still don't know if that's a good thing, or not, who knows what he did to Incognito in order to achieve such an effect, are there any repercussions for this?

At this point I'm just sitting and waiting, maybe cleaning up some blood off the floor.

I'm not really angry with Mendella, nor Sanna, I should be, but I'm not. Incognito always judged things by the end results, and right now, the end results are like this, I'm still breathing and Incognito's body is healing. But now the fuck can pop in at any given moment, since he knows where we are. Overall, the end results are no that bad.



  1. Agh shit, sorry he hurt you. As per usual, I am really glad you're both alive. Hugs are being sent your way; resistance is futile.

    Wonder what Kelevra did to him, and how the Path was for him. Fucking hell it was a god damned nightmare for me getting carried through the Path, can't even imagine how it was for him.

    I suppose I owe you a keyboard.

  2. If it has anything to do with azoth, there could very well be repercussions.

    Kelevra seems to have taken a fancy to commenting 'BEHIND YOU' and then attacking, lately...