Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Case File #4 - Soviet Forest.

Don't bother looking up anything on the Internet about this case, cause you won't find anything, this case was kept a secret really nicely, no locations, no towns, no countries, no information given out about the place, the only thing people knew was that it was an old camp in a middle of a forest. Only the people that were higher in ranks knew all the details of this case and they are long dead.

So what is this case? While back in the days, I didn't really manage to open up the case for investigation, I was allowed to scroll through the files of what this case is about. I knew about this case only because there was this one folder in the file cabinet, and it was labeled "Never to Open" that is a rare stamp that you never come across on a file, I figured if it was stamped like that, then I shouldn't open it, and should ask about it.

Once I went to my officials asking questions, they took the folder from me, a good bit of papers from it and left the papers that I could read in the folder, I didn't even question why they took out most of the paper from the folder, I didn't want to get into too much trouble.

So the Case File was this, back when The Soviet Union was falling apart rather quickly, not all officers were satisfied Gorbachev breaking up the Soviet Union like that. So they took most military equipment and fled, and nobody could ever find them.

The reason why they went into hiding is that, they wanted to sustain at least a little bit of USSR, so they took it upon themselves to monitor and look over other countries with the military equipment that they escaped with. They were stationed in the middle of a forest, unknown where, here's the fun part.

Apparently couple of years later, the camp was found completely on accident, but there was no one there at the camp, the houses that the officers were presumably staying at were all torn apart inside, the houses themselves were in pretty good condition, but the inside of the house, there were cups, books, chairs, tables passports, documents anything that the officers could have in those houses, it was all a mess lying around everywhere, thought there were no traces of violence, or anything.

When this camp was found, it was later assumed that these Officers were planning something, than a simple espionage operation, because not only did they find all the military equipment like Vans with countless soviet technology inside, they also found a bunch of rockets lying around inside the vans, inside armory crates. The thing is, these rockets have decayed, but anyone with enough knowledge, could easily assemble it back and turn it on, and it wasn't one rocket, there was a lot of them.

It is still unknown why they would take such high caliber weaponry with them, what is also unknown, is where those officers are now, one of my colleagues was actually working on this case before me, and he wanted to remove all the equipment from the forest, but our officials didn't give him permission, in fact they took the case away from him instantly. Why did our higher ups not want him and his squad to remove at least the dangerous rockets that were and probably still are lying around in that camp.

It is also unknown who those officers were, it is said that there were found a bunch of passports and other stuff, but the information of who they were, was never disclo

Something just fell on top of the Van, something heavy, so heavy that it made a big ass dent in the roof, posting this now because I'm going to check it out and might not return.


  1. You got to handle Soviet tech?!?!? I'm well jealous!

    What was the range of the rockets? Anything less than, let's say 300km, and that sounds like what you would stockpile if you wanted to try to blow a Fear to smithereens.

    1. Well, if that Fear happened to be Slender Man setting up base in a forest was a phenomenally bad idea.