Sunday, May 26, 2013

Somethin' Stinks

First; good news.

Incognito was healed yesterday completely and then after some time he woke up and even got up, he got up so instantly, like a dead man rising from the dead.

Second; bad news.

He's acting like a dead man, now don't get me wrong he acted like a dead man before, but now, it's like he shut the whole world away, his eyes, they are like frozen in time, he is sitting in the corner of the van right now, starring into the wall, not even once moving his eyes, or blinking. I tried talking to him, no response, moved my fingers in front of his eyes, no reaction, I fucking slapped him, nothing.

Kelevra, the fuck did you do to him!?


  1. I believe the question is,

    "Path, the fuck did you do to him!?"


    1. Exactly.

      I didn't do shit, don't blame me for all your troubles, ask The Path.

  2. We have a term for the stare you described in Britain, "thousand-yard stare", it came from traumatised soldiers in WWI.

    It might be acute stress reaction, a.k.a. shock, hence him not responding to you slapping him.

    Or it might be general Path mindfuckery, or he might be in a mental loop.

    1. Or all of the above. But yes, I think its the path's fault too. Kelevra is a psycho but the last thing he wants is incognito acting like a zombie.

      Mostly because its not fun but yeah.

  3. Try an emetic. He may have an azoth build up causing hollow like behavior. If that doesn't work you may want to invest in some hypnosis.