Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Medicine #1: Emesis (Because Vomit is an impolite medical term)

So as Annalee had suggested, I put on my rubber glove, put a bowl right in front of Incognito and stuck two of my fingers deep into his throat.

He threw up, right into the bowl, showed no signs of reaction when I was sticking my fingers into his throat, nor any sign of reaction when he was throwing up, looked like a stone fountain spitting out vomit instead of water, eeeugh.

Anyways, no Azoth, good, clean, yellow vomit, sorry if anyone is having dinner, although I doubt it.

Next thing I guess is hypnosis.

Now to wash my hands.


  1. How about laxatives? He is full of shit, after all!

    1. Shut up, Snowy. No one asked you.

      Also, I suggest revealing something big. Secrecy is everything to Incognito, and I think he'd come out of his trance if you tried to reveal something.


    2. I considered that, but that's a last resort, you might think this is stupid, but I'm afraid of mentioning anything close to him. I'm the last guy he would love to hear from about his past life.

      One time he came really close to slicing my neck just for mentioning one thing, it might snap him out, but it might end up costing me my life, and I wanna live a little longer.

      I'll try everything else out, if nothing works, well only then I will try the secrecy part.

      His past life isn't pretty.

    3. Have you tried: really hot water, or really cold water? Actually I learned something today that might help, dunno for sure though.

    4. Well don't be shy, I'm all ears, don't be afraid to suggest anythin' as I said, I'm no medic, I had worst marks on Biology.

    5. Well I hope you didn't mitch Chemistry as well, since I discovered this by accident this morning, that raw azoth, fertiliser and a spark makes a pretty good makeshift flashbang. Hey, you wouldn't happen to have a proper flashbang grenade?

      Other options... a match, a mild electric shock.

      Also, I personally don't recommend hypnosis, that's to put someone in a trance, not get them out of one.

    6. Electricity might work, I have a tazer somewhere roun' here.

      Well shiz, that's pretty good info, though ya should be suggestin' that to Med, since she's the sciency person, an' I don't have any Azoth on me.

      I don't really believe in hypnosis, but yeah, we live in a world where there's a tentacle monster, fuckin' everyone, there goes reality, right out the window.

      Anyways, thanks.

      And don' talk to that bandaged fuck, seriously, that's just glutten' for punishment, or however the fuck you say it.

    7. Okay, I'm pretty sure that someone whose problem is overexposure to trauma isn't helped by more of it, however slight. A flashbang or electric shock is more likely to cause him to retreat further than snap out of it, or if it does cause a reaction it would most likely be a violent one. Of course, the Path muddies things a little.

    8. Well obviously I ain't letting him to continue sitting there.

    9. If you have any electronics you don't mind smashing up, salvage some magnesium from them and get it into little pieces, or better still, a powder, and I reckon that would work just as well. I posted about it on my blog and Med knows.

      Hypnosis is heavily exaggerated, yes, although there is some science to it.

      You know, speaking of biology, I did OK in the subject, the key could be to trigger a reflex. Clearly the rest of his body is functioning, reflexes don't involve the brain, only the spinal cord, so you might be able to wake him by hitting the spot below the kneecap.

      A glutton for punishment is a person who doesn't mind doing difficult work, but I'm guessing you mean I'm gonna land myself in trouble, if I haven't already.