Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Return's and Farewell's

Vikady here,

Incognito just left, we arrived in Germany about two days ago, just arrived at our desired destination, Incognito didn't even take a second to write up a post, he was already prepared to go in from such a long drive, mentally and physically.

As I write this, I watch him go off into that forest, that darkness.

He told me that I give him a month, if he is not back by a month, he is dead, and Mendella is to take up his place and I help Mendella.

He also wanted me to write this to those who follow this blog and keep their eye on our progress:

"I die, you keep fighting, that's it."

Not really big on words, but he was always like that.

In the mean time, I will keep on posting my conspiracy theories on this blog while he is gone, I'm stuck here, waiting a whole month.

He quickly ran through as many blogs as he could and quickly left a comment before taking his leave, so lets cross our fingers and hope he comes back.

And I don't see him, he is in the forest now, good luck big bro.


  1. Well, either he'll never read this, or he'll read it a month later, but good luck sir. I cannot thank you enough. :)

    Huh, it seems that has made me a person of few words too, but he seems like the kind of person who hears more than is said to him.

    Don't fuckin die, any of you. Or I'll punch your teeth down your throat. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Twas rude of Incognito.

    Well you are a bunch of fools, by blocking the frequency out, I now can not help Incognito, because chances of me running into him inside the path, are really small, the place is a ginormous forest maze.

    He has little, to no chances to get out, but I will play along the waiting game.

  3. A month is a long time. He better survive or I'll kick his ass back into the living world.<x3

  4. Damn, of course he leaves when I finally return. Well I'm pretty sure he'll read this when he gets back, Incognito is pretty tough. Good luck out there, and you better not die on me.