Friday, May 17, 2013

Judgment Entry #4.

My left leg, arm, ribs, back, shoulder, head and everything hurt, but it is a small price to pay for such an achievement.

The plan went as I expected it to go, but I made slight changes right at the end, once I cleared everyone out and got to the elevator, I shot everyone up in it, threw the smoke grenade in there and sent the elevator to the top floor, but I didn't get inside of it. I decided to take the stairs and as I expected, the guards weren't running down the stairs like they originally would have. Once I smashed my car through their front door, they must have quickly looked up Incognito's blog, since they knew I was planning this attack, found my plan, and then would use it to their advantage, they were screaming out orders into the ear pieces of those suited guards, which means once I sent the elevator up, they sent all of the guards on the stairs to the top floor, to meet me, problem was, I didn't follow my plan and took the stairs instead.

Once I got to the fifth floor, I remembered that there was a window cleaner stationed there, I shot the windows, threw the window cleaning guy inside, and took his window cleaning elevator machine (Apologies, my lack of English comes from Incognito).

By that time, they started to get confused, they started spreading out, looking for me, and then they noticed me, going up the window cleaning machine, started shooting at the windows like crazy, in hopes of hitting me, three bullets actually managed to hit my left leg, I was near, but I was a sitting duck on that elevator, so I had to jump inside one of the windows, right into the bullet rain, one bullet hit my arm, I rolled, took cover behind one of the cubicle office's, started an old fashioned shoot out: shoot, duck, roll, shoot, move, shoot, run.

With that strategy in mind, I managed to get to the stairs once again, it was a pain going up the stairs with my bleeding leg, 3 proxies, run down the stairs, and open fire on me, I throw myself over the railing in hopes of avoiding being shot, hurt my ribs over the railing and the hard stairs in the process, but gave me enough time to roll over and shoot back. More proxies were running from below, I had to move it and fast.

Got to the top floor, from there on it was a long ass hallway, with big, wooden doors in the middle, that was my stop, but as I got out of the stairs, I could hear the elevator ding, it meant only one thing, more proxies. They took the elevator in order to catch up with me, and even more proxies were running up the stairs, I had to position myself. But I couldn't, I was far too injured in order to assure my victory in this shoot out, I had to run towards the wooden doors, again the bleeding leg came into play.

Either it was luck, or maybe I did better than I expected, but I managed to make it to the front doors and shut them behind me, as I saw bullets piercing through them, had to move away from the doors quickly, in order to avoid getting shot. Once I rolled out of the way, I was met with a katana being pointed in my face, I slowly looked up, a man in a suit, Asian, real skinny. He started talking to me, but I didn't hear him, I was far too concentrated on the Katana, and a bunch of proxies running towards the doors.

I had to act fast, once this guy took his Katana back in order to deliver a good slice, that would probably take my head off, I took my shotgun and blocked his Katana with it, from there on I kicked him in the knees making him stumble back, gave me time to roll back on my feet, aimed my shotgun at him and started shooting, to my disbelief I couldn't hit him, either it was the wounds, or he was really quick, maybe both. My shotgun gets jammed, I hear the clicking sound, so does he, he ran up to me and delivered a kick to my jaw, making me stumble back.

As I try to get myself together, I heard the break of a door, the proxies had finally reached the office, so there I am standing between about 20 proxies with their guns pointing at me and a skilled Katana wielding Oracle, logical thing to do? There is no logical thing to do in this situation, so I had to improvise, took out my colt. 45, started shooting at proxies to cause confusion, at the same time started running towards the oracle with the Katana, 5 bullets hit me in the back (Thank you Kevlar), and a Katana pierced me in the region where doctors usually find the appendix, what shocked the Oracle is that I wasn't stopping, I wrapped my arms around him and ran him through the window of the top floor and then both of us were falling, I honestly thought that was it, but fate decided to be a bitch towards me.

Remember the window cleaning machine? The Oracle landed on it's railing hard on his back, I could actually hear his spine go, or that was the sound of my shoulder dislocating, since I got swung over and was now hanging onto his body, that was hooked on the railing of the window cleaning elevator. I had to climb up quick, since he was slowly slipping, so I did, once up, I pushed him completely off, sending him further to his death.

The proxies were hurdling back down, to see what was left of us, but I managed to get out of there much quicker, then they got down.

So the Romanian Oracle is dead, and I am hurting.

Mendella out.

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  1. Bloody hell... a traditional saying is that Sam Colt made all men equal. If that quote had a face, sir... you would have just shot it. With a Colt .45.

    You don't have to apologise sir; there isn't really an official term for window cleaning elevators in English. At least I don't think there is; I'm a native speaker but pfft bugger if I know.