Thursday, November 15, 2012

Report #31 2012, November 15th

And I have finally arrived at my destination, now I can tell you what country I am at, good ol' USA, been here couple of times when I used to work for KGB, good old days of me not running away from Mr. Slim Jim.

I have found myself a hideout, got ready, had to leave a lot of my firearms back where I was, do you know what would happen if I would get caught with such armory when I was passing countries? Didn't want to take the chances, don't worry I destroyed the weapons, no body can acquire them.

Once I get a good night of sleep, I will go scouting for the directions I have, trying to find this Proxy base. Only scouting, since I have no weapons with me, no attacks, only planning.

God I'm sleepy.

Report #31 Ended.

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