Friday, November 16, 2012

Report #32 2012, November 16th
A Church

Really!? Out of all things that they could have made their base, it's a fucking abandoned church!? REALLY!? What the fuck!? I should set the place a blaze, but my craving for information is much more stronger then desire. Besides if I kill all of them off, there wouldn't be any hunches. So I have scouted during the day, saw no one inside, not a sound, nothing, but hwy should I? It's fucking day, of course they have to do their crazy shit during the night.

On a side note, was good to have a sort of day off, nothing followed me, I made sure of that.

As for the skinny fuck, I think he is busy with others, buys me some time to inflict the damage.

I need to see how many of those fucks gather in this fucking church, which means I'm going to have to wait til the night, fuck me.

Report #32 Put on hold...

Report #32 Continued.

Just came back from scouting the area, holy fucking shit, there is a lot more of them, it's like the whole fucking town came inside that Church, this is going to take a lot of planning, holy shit.

The Church seemed like a recruitment center or something, because unlike the last base I was at, in this one they were doing some rituals and shit. Not sure tough.

One thing's for sure, all of them had different masks on, some wore dark robes, other's simple hoodies, there were two in particular that stood out, they both had these bird looking masks and both of them were dressed in suits, the suits were identical, who were they, that was the main question for now.

They don't seem to know that I'm here, good, real good.

Report #32 Ended.

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