Saturday, November 10, 2012

Report #29 2012, November 11th
Mind Games

Returned yesterday, head was throbbing like crazy, couldn't update on Report #28, had to end it and start a new one for this.

So I arrived at my destination, it was indeed a trap, but a trap with information, a flower shop.

I come inside the shop and there is nobody but the shop keeper, seemed like an ordinary girl, 21 I think, not sure, I had a distinct feeling that I knew her from somewhere, but I just couldn't remember, that feeling made me go on my guard.

I presented myself as a detective investigating a crime, presented to her one of my fake documents and asked her if she, by any chance saw anything out of the ordinary around there.

Here's the conversation as I remember it:

W: "No, not really, it comes to me as a surprise too"

I: "What does and why?"

W: "The fact that there was a crime around these parts, something like this never happened here before, what exactly had happened?"

I: "Can't really tell you"

W: "Oh well then, I'm sorry I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary"

A minute of silence, I looked around, I tried to catch a glimpse of anything that connected to IT, but saw nothing.

W: "Though..." She broke the silence.

W: "I did see a man right here today, he was cold, emotionless, he's stare, nothing there..."

I put my hand on the gun, she was clearly talking about me.

W: "Yes, just like that...HE ENDED IT!"

She yelled the last part out, after that I couldn't believe it, she was literally flying at me with such speed, I had no time to take out my gun and aim it, as she was flying right at me I saw her slowly dissolving into air. Then I felt air hitting me, as if a wind blower was pointed right at me, couple of seconds later I started couching, that air entered into my nose and mouth at the same time. Then the truly weird part began.

I heard someone in my head, it wasn't the woman, the voice was so messed up, I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman, probably neither. She was talking to me, explaining to me things, this is what I heard in my head:

"You know why he did that? He realized how meaningless he's life is, he was all alone, like a rock, he had no one, had no feelings, only he's goal, once he realized how unreachable it was, he just ended it, here today!"

My body was shaking, she was seizing control, hypnotizing me, yelling to me:


I was pointing my gun at my head, about to shoot myself, then I realized, I remembered all her explanations earlier and thought to myself "What makes those days, any different from any other's I had so far? Why should I end it today? No, not today.". I got my will back, started couching, I was couching so hard I could barely stand, but as I was couching, I felt her air leave my body, I resisted, but my head hurt like hell after that.

But on the plus side, I found the next Proxy base of operations, going to pay them a visit soon.

Report #29 Ended.

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