Thursday, November 22, 2012

Report #36 November 23rd

Oh God, thank you for all the destruction you have made by creating this world, thank you for giving me the vision in what is the true path, thank you for creating such creatures like my Boss, for without them, all this chaos would not reign. Thank you for created human life, for without that I wouldn't get to enjoy, the joy of destruction and chaos, I also would not meet Incognito, most sincere thank you.

It's a pity I won't be going to you God, but I guess that's how we choose our paths, besides I'd rather enjoy it down there, where chaos reigns all day, it's my home, mine and Incognito's.

Also thank you for the upcoming experiences, I love the fact that I was given life, to fulfill what I was intended to do, I thank you for giving me life, to do what I love.

Alright, now that, that's out of the way, happy thanks giving everyone, remember to check for human heads before eating that good ol' fashioned turkey!

To be honest I don't really care for thanksgiving, but I do say an occasional prayer on this day, somehow it gives my purpose a much more ironic side, which I find to be he-ha-larious!

News from the other side, tell me that my dear friend Incognito is still alive, though at given time can not access the internet, nor can he go back to he's van, he's in a tight situation right now, so yeah, at least he's alive, right?

Well I think that is all I wanted to say today, look out boys and girls, there's crap load of shit going on, on celebration days especially ;).

Ta Ta For Now.

Report #36 Ended.

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