Sunday, November 18, 2012

Report #34 2012, November 18th
Before Hell

So it's almost time, currently 7 PM, 2 hours until I take my leave into that church. Got myself a nifty mask, a stupid looking hoodie, so yeah dressed in some weird shit.

I'm not worried if one of them finds this blog and reads my plan, they won't be able to identify me, I didn't say the name I will go by, or how my outfit looks like, so I'm not worried about that.

I'm going in completely "naked" and by "naked" I mean weaponless, I have nothing with me, not even my shooting knife (I miss that thing).

Hope I won't be fucked in a matter of seconds, got 2 more hours, might as well look how other's are doing.

Report #34 Put on hold...

Report #34 Continued

1 hour to go, 1 fucking hour until I put my head in the lions mouth.

Listening to music right now, Russian songs, Viktor Tsoy from the band Kino (Movie) to be precise, God that man died early, he was fucking awesome. Still would remember how I and my buddies would sit outside, listening to this, the best song that describes my situation right now is Stuk (Knocking).

Music helps you to clear up your mind, first the memories bust in, then you just fade away and forget about everything, nothing but your current situation is presented in front of you, the only thing you can do is just shut up and do what you must do.

I love music.

Report #34 Put on hold...

Report #34 Continued

I guess it's time to die.

Report #34 Ended.

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