Friday, November 2, 2012

Report #23 2012, November 2nd
Mr. 9/06.

First thing first, list of injuries. Legs hurt as fuck, the part that hurts more are the knees, such fucking pain, like you have no idea. Head is throbbing as hell, must have took a couple of shots to the head, traces of blood from my nose, ribs hurt. Yeah, not that bad.

So what happened last night, as I said, I went out to dispose of the bastards that were outside, maybe ask for some information, but I doubt they would have told me anything, they had that glare of loyalty in their eyes. So I had to forget about the information and just dispose of them. I walked up to them, grabbing out my gun and with no hesitation shooting 3 of them in the head, one collapsed instantly (Must have been the weakest) 2 of them burst out running at me and then falling on me (With a bullet hole in their craniums), they fell on top of me, knocking me down, making me drop my gun, the rest 3 ran at me, by the time I got myself up, one of them hit me in the ribs, the punch was like a piece of concrete, those guys worked out. I try to fight the urge to fall down because of the pain, had to hold my ground, the second one tried to land a hit on me, and he did, he hit me straight in the face, luckily I didn't collapse, to he's surprise I grabbed he's arm, got my back against him, and broke he's elbow against my knee, he's bones went to the outside, but it didn't even pierce him, not even a scream. He just kneed me in the ribs, making me fall away from him, those guys were aiming at my ribs.

You know what they say? Never depend on luck, I say they are full of bullshit.

Me lying on the ground, my ribs hurting, probably broken, 3 of them walking towards me, my gun is really far away, then this cop woman arrives and points a gun at everyone, she's shaking, a rookie, they see it, they don't stop and keep walking, she continues to yell to stop, she's near me, had only one chance. I got up real fast, grabbing her arm under my arm pit to aim better, and with the other hand I grabbed her hand with the gun, and shot all 3 of them, took me a whole magazine to finally kill them (7 shots), I was shaken up, couldn't aim for shit.

I let go of her arm and started limping away, but it didn't end there, this time she pointed a gun at my back telling me to stop, I looked around, she was not shaking anymore, if I played my cards wrong she could really well shoot me. We stood there for a minute, when the unexpected happened, a knife, a knife went trough her body, not slightly, it completely pierced her, from the back to the chest. Her eyes, eyes of shock, fear, smell of death, with those eyes she looked at me, as if asking for help, then her body floated up, someone was behind her, he lifted her whole body by the knife that was in her, it was horrible.

Only thing I saw in that person behind her was he's eyes, they were completely blue, as if glowing, and that grin, that big ass grin, I wanted to kill him there and then, my gun was near me, but by the time I picked it up I got knocked out by someone from behind. Next thing I know, I wake up today, check on my posts, and realize that someone was inside my Van, not only that, they got on my blogger account and posted some shit in Report #22 and on the monitor of the same pc, was a sticky note, that said "Mr. 9/06".

He knows where I am, he's been in my base, fuck.

Report #23 Continued...

Was near a church, haven't been in a church for a while, used to believe in God, would always go and confess my sins until...yeah too early.

Would go and confess my sins, or pray, but I don't need no forgiveness, or blessing. I don't deserve them, require them, or want them. They are long time useless to me.

Been having this feeling for a while, a feeling that I used to be a human at some point in my life and not as a child, no, some time different, some time I can't put my finger on. But whatever, edited this post because have nothing better to do, still remember that police woman and her stare of fear, doesn't make me pity her, but those eyes were familiar, yes, that stare was the first stare I had when I killed a criminal for the first time. Was a drug dealer who sold drugs to kids, typical shit, I will honestly tell you, at that time, I was pissed, killed him, didn't enjoy it, didn't want it, but had to be done, I knew it had to be done.

From there on I would start killing those who deserved it, with no emotions, no unnecessary torture, simple death, started to slowly kill off my humanity,  I would do so that no one knew it was me, was easy to do once you'r a KGB agent and have different sources, from there on I would silently dish out my brand of justice. I think that is why IT started following me.

I need to get back to work.

Report #23 Put on Hold...

Report #23 Ended.

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