Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Report #30 2012, November 13th

This is an update on what's going down right now, I am currently making my way to the proxy base that I had found the location of in that awful flower shop.

Awful part is that this place is located in a different country, I have been making my way to that country for 2 days now, no sleep, no rest, not going to start relaxing. Almost there, when I get there, I will tell you what country I'm at, don't want anyone knowing too early where I'm headed.

As you would have imagined, while on road there is no connection to the internet, so that's the reason behind my absence. Just stopped at a gas station, fueling my van up right now, they have Wi-Fi here, connected up to it, updating it.

Honestly the only uncomfortable thing about travelling to another country, is that you can't sleep. Money isn't a problem for me, as are documents, now rest, that's a real pain in the ass.

Well, the Van is full, don't know when I'm going to arrive, or when I'll get the next connection to the internet, we'll see.

Going to look around for any updates on blogs which I follow, maybe comment on some of them, then onto the road again.

Report #30 Ended.

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