Thursday, November 1, 2012

Report #22 2012, 1st November
Results 3

Re-located, re-supplied, can move freely, the body got used to the stitches, feeling a little better, still a little woozy.

So where did I stop last time? The proxy, anyway, he told me one thing, they were expecting my arrival, what they did not expect was that I was going to come gun blazing in all directions, he said, that someone informed them that I would be with someone who would keep me under control or something, must be that woman I met earlier (Bitch).

I asked him who informed them of my presence here, I expected the answer to be that IT informed them, but no, it was an anonymous tip, from someone who they don't know. He said that they didn't believe it, thought someone was playing with them, but still they kept it in mind. That explains why they weren't prepared.

The letter burnt, but he said that it had a signature under it, that said "Mr. 9/06". That's right same bastard who was giving Twitch threatening messages and the pictures which I posted a while back.

I asked him why a bunch of them were gathered in that building, he said that it was a safe place of operation where they could kill runners without anyone seeing them doing so.

I tried to ask him questions about IT and Fears, he said that he wasn't that long in the group to know anything about IT that much (Figures, I picked a fucking rookie) and he had no idea who those Fears were.

So I don't know if this whole attack was worth it in your eyes, but I say it was, a lot less of those fuckers, the better it is for me to sleep at night.

On a side note, IT is getting sloppy, I haven't seen IT in a while, making he's servants do all the dirty work, not to mention The Fears that are out there, who apparently work independently, maybe IT's busy with them, would be a perfect time for a strike.

I need to come back to the place where I and Twitch were shot at again, and this time look around, and try to find the place where we were shot at from.

Report #22 Put on hold...

Report #22 Continued

I see them.

They are just standing there, six of them, not proxies, they are in white masks that have only eye holes, no hoodie crap, casual shirts, their stance is firm, I can see they are experienced fighters, know lethal moves.

Those must be the higher ups, those bastards are smart, they know me, they know I will get out there to confront them after I am done writing this, they know I crave for their punishment, they know I must be the one to dish it out, I can see it, all of them have cold weapons, I can see in their blood thirsty eyes, they are sinners.

They work for him, they must die, time to go to work.

Report #22 Put on hold...

Report #22 Continued.







Report #22 Ended.

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