Sunday, November 25, 2012

Report #37 2012, November 25th
The pain......wait.

You will not BELIEVE the day I had!

Ended up with a lot of scratches on my body, and a dislocated shoulder, but you know what? I don't care! Because I don't feel it. I'm in this sort of paralyzed state where I can't feel anything, that's right kiddies! And if you ask on how I am able to move? Instinct sweet hearts, I used to feel when I walked, I just remember how to walk, and here I am walking, at first felt a little awkward walking without feeling the ground under your feet, but you get used to it.

So how did I end up with all of this shit? Well there was this group of runners, who were much older then simple teens, me and a group of my associates were about to take them down, what I didn't expect is for them to pretend to be runners, they weren't runners, they were that fucking organization that is bent on taking my Boss down. Fuck cunts got their silenced pistols out on my group, but not on me, for you see, I'm a smart cookie, I got in trough the window from behind, approached them and they had these big ass machetes stuck to their legs in those big ass pockets, I don't know how they are called!

I snatch one machete real quick and slice away! I love machetes, they are so fast, amazing weapon. Anyway, they quickly turn around, of course surprised that their friend just fell beside them without a head, and that split second allowed my group to charge at them, all of them fell, some of them dropped their guns, some didn't, because of that we had a couple of losses. In the end I and couple of my colleagues were able to disarm those with guns for good (Slicing their hands off). But that didn't stop them, no those were trained, fucking professionals, they stood their ground, with all their machetes in hand, my colleagues were weaponless, they had no idea how to use a gun (Stupid, brainless cunt buckets), only thing they could use was a cold weapon, which they didn't have (I TOLD THEM TO BRING KNIVES!), so I'm the only one with a weapon, which makes me a target. What they didn't realize is that I could use a gun, I just had to get to it, they either knew my ability to use a gun, or they didn't want to take any risks, they ran at us swinging those fucking things so swiftly, as if they were made out of rubber, my Colleagues one by one fell down on the ground bleeding to death, but they did their part perfectly, they held the fuckers off for long enough, for me to get the gun. I had no idea how much that gun held bullets, I had to be careful and save up as much ammo as I could, every bullet was a path to salvation (I should be an author!).

In the end there was just me and this woman, both of us were injured like hell, I think she lost a couple of fingers on her hand, while my shoulder was definitely dislocated, the difference between us was that I couldn't feel pain, gave me an advantage. When she stabbed me with the machete, I could see it, but not feel it, I didn't hesitate for a second, she didn't expect that, in the end, her head ended up on the ground. I can safely say that The Organization is now operating in this area, which is total bull.

But every party has a pooper, that's why they invited themselves, party poopers.

So yeah having a blast here, how bout you guys? ;)

Report #37 To be continued...

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