Saturday, November 3, 2012

Report #24 2012, November 3d


That's how I'm starting out my report, that word describes my current situation perfectly. I'm wanted for killing that police woman, no worries they won't think of checking here, there's so many blogs with these, they would get lost.

Apparently an anonymous tip and my description was give to the police, those fools have blamed me of the murder in their local news station of all the murders, wanted posters have already been glued throughout all this small town, their officials are checking out everyone who is leaving the town, so I'm pretty much stuck here.

They wouldn't post anything about the murders of criminals because they were nobodies to them, but when a police officer dies, all hell goes lose, shows you how careless this town is. I find it to be quiet ironic, that I clean up their streets and they accuse and hunt me for the crime I didn't commit based on an anonymous tip, but whatever I don't care.

Just have to lay low for now, which means I'm stuck in my Van, nothing to do but research those Fears and read other blogs.

Report #24 Put on Hold...

Report #24 Ended.

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