Monday, November 19, 2012

Report #35 2012, November 20th (Why does he write down dates, when they clearly show what date it is on the site...weirdo!)
Is this thing on?


I'm the guy with who Incognito had a conversation at the cafe, he referred to me as in "???" I find that to be so rude, I mean I have a name ya know, it's Kelevra. Love how my name sounds, sounds so slippery and dangerous, I love my Mom for giving me such a name. Too bad she can't be with us...Getting off track aren't I?

Alright, in short, Incognito is still alive, though not going to tell you where, I believe he will tell everything when he has the chance. And no I'm not him, unlike some people, he knows how to keep himself in check.

Who am I? Simple, a Proxy and I have reasons to be hacking and following our good ol' friend Incognito, oh also I know who he is, but I don't want to tell he's identity, don't want anyone to spoil my fun.

So yeah, I'll be on he's account for a while til he returns, oh also, later today I will upload something here, or maybe not today, we'll see how my schedule goes, Big Boss doesn't always give you enough time to fuck around with your targets, he usually preserves that pleasure for himself. Well ya know what I say? Fuck him, been a while since I have met such a person like Incognito, oh God we will have fun together!

Also don't worry, Big Boss can't do shit to me, there's a reason he kept me along for such a long time, probably same reason he keeps everyone around, amusement.

But enough chit chat, I got shit to do ya know, a Proxies job is never done, so many lives to ruin, oh don't worry I'll come back later on today, I said I would try to upload something interesting right? Well I will, until then, TTFN!

Report #35 Put on hold-saurus...(Serious dots! Engage!)

Report #35 Oh So Deliciously Continued

Hey kiddies, I'm back, boy I got to do so many wonderful things today! So many oh so delicious things.

I also killed two dumb bitches, by God were they dumb. I mean, get this! They thought they could get rid of my Boss, just by forgetting that he ever existed, I will treasure their faces forever when they understood that all their attempts were worthless!

Anyways on a side note, I promised a surprise today, well too bad, can't show it to ya yet, I just came back from a day filled with murder and chaos and am pretty exhausted, so if you don't mind I would like to relax, it would take me a while to upload this "Gift".

Also, still no signs of Incognito, hope he's not dead, although they could easily kill him off, starting to wonder if me leaving him there was a bad idea...oops said too much! Now now no peeking ;)

I guess for now, while he's gone, I'll be the host of this blog, it seems that everyone gets a kick out of this blogging business and I decided to give it a whirl, while he's Van is open to trespassers.

Well he has a lot of blogs which he follows, it's going to be a busy night of reading, but oh well I got nothing better to do.

Welp see ya tomorrow kiddies ;)

Kelevra singing out.

Report #35 Ended.

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