Sunday, November 4, 2012

Report #25 2012, November 4th

Gotta make it short, someone's been following me ever since that police murder incident. How do I know?

Well he's starring at me right now, trough the window of a cafe, it's really hard not to notice him, he's holding a dark umbrella over he's head, while there is no rain outside, no one finds this weird, yet they certainly see him, because they walk around him.

You know who that guy is? The real police murderer a.k.a. Mr. 9/06 I presume.

How do I know?

That big ass grin even shines under he's umbrella. He's all dressed in black, black long trench coat that covers he's body, black gloves, black leather boots.

I can already tell that he's some freak, lets see for how long he can stand there.

Report #25 Put on hold...

Report #25 Continued.

Well he didn't stand there for long, came right in and sat with me, no thinking was required for me to pull out my gun and start pointing it at him under the table, but as I expected he didn't even care.

Apparently he wanted to have a conversation, this is what I remember from what we talked about, I couldn't really see what he looked like, all I could see is he's wide grin sticking out from under he's hood.

Being the kind of person I am, I started the conversation:

I. "You do realize that I can kill you right now"

???. "Yes, but you won't, thanks to my anonymous tip, you can not afford attracting attention, am I right?"

He's voice was so overconfident, annoying, but he was right.

I. "So your Mr. 9/06 I presume?"

This was the surprising part.

???. "Who? Oh you must mean that masked guy who dragged your unconscious ass away, as I was stabbing that police woman?"

So he wasn't the one messing with me, that left the question of who he was.

I. "So then who are you? One of them?"

???. "You could say that, but not entirely."

I. "So what do you want?"

???. "To deliver a message, but mostly to look at you, in the night it was quite dark."

I. "What message, from your lord and master?"

???. "Yeah him, he sends he's regards, he is amused with your progress...he's not the only one."

I. "What do you mean?"

???. "Are you really that stupid, why do you think I sent out that anonymous tip to the police!? I wanted to talk to you, look at you, I wasn't disappointed."

He's grin got bigger.

I. "What a pawn like you, would possibly want with me?"

???. "As I told you already, you amuse me, your cold, your emotionless, I..."

I think the freak teared up at this part a little.

???. "I never met anyone like you, we will have a grando time!"

I. "And here I thought that I was the target of interest only for your master"

???. "Forget him, all he wants is to finally break you, I don't want that, I shouldn't even be here talking to you, to be quite honest."

I. "And you risked your life, only to have a chat with me? I thought he kills those who disobey him."

???. "Oh he does, he does, yet he can not kill me, for the simple reason that I amuse him as much as you do, he keeps me around, like so many others of he's servants, because we amuse him, it's just that, not many of us risk to bend the rules, those who don't are really worthless."

I. "Yeah what now? We just sit here?"

???. Oh no, in about 30 minutes I will have to go, you can lower your gun, I won't attack you."

I. "No thanks I'll pass, what makes you think, once you leave, I won't follow you and release a full magazine into your cranium?"

???. "You can try, no really try, maybe you will succeed, in the mean time, wasn't some coffee? On me."

I. "Whatever."

From there we just sat there in silence, once the cups were brought it, he like a theatrical son of a bitch, raised he's cup and said:

???. "To destruction!"

From there on we just sat in silence, he starring at my eyes, having this expression of amazement on he's mouth, occasionally drinking he's coffee, once he left the building, I tried to follow but he disappeared.

Just got back, quite pissed, I'm going to call it a night for today.

Report #25 Ended.

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