Thursday, November 8, 2012

Report #27 2012, November 8th

Idiots! Idiots! Inexperienced idiots!

Alright, let me calm down over here, so what had happened.

I'm still in this God forsaken town, wanted posters are actually getting ripped off now, murders are being forgotten and soon enough I will be on a move on.

Let me explain my absence, someone has been snooping around the crime scene, and it wasn't me, nor the Proxy I had a conversation with, in the cafe. Some hooded figure, cops didn't notice him since there were crap load of pedestrians passing by there on a daily basis, they paid no mind to him. I sure did. For those of you who might ask, I was inside my Van, the Van was parked near the crime scene, saw everything trough my windows.

So I waited for this guy to leave, he had a look around, and started leaving, from there on I followed him from my Van. Finally he walked into the wooded area, that was my cue, but to my surprise, some three fucks enter the wooded area as well, also following this guy, how could I tell? They had their weapons drawn (Mostly knives). Those were some runners, that's what I believed, I didn't stop them, I needed a distraction, they worked fine.

I get out of my Van and sneak into the wooded area as well, but from a different angle. I reached all four of them, the hooded guy was lying on the ground bleeding, 3 of them standing over him, I was about to shoot them, I thought they were proxies, I was wrong, and I didn't have to waste a single bullet. IT came out of nowhere, even I didn't see where IT came from, IT grabbed one of the guys with he's tentacles and smashed him against the tree several times, I could hear every bone cracking, snapping, breaking. The guy was screaming, every time he was hit against a tree he's scream would interrupt roughly, as if a record was being paused abruptly.

Two others froze in fear, amateurs, shows that they haven't been that long at this game, if they had any experience, they would immediately run, no freezing, no fear, just running.

Well too bad for them, I'm not going to describe what IT did to them, will be a waste of time.

After IT had, IT's fun, IT left. I don't know if IT hadn't seen me, or saw me but left me be, but IT's mistake.

The Proxy who was stabbed was still alive, at first he didn't talk, but after a while, of showing my knife deep under he's nails, he broke.

He told me everything what I wanted to know.

What I wanted to know was, is there any other Proxy shelters around here, or in close radius. After he told me, I got rid of him and left the Town.

So what is my plan? From all the blogs that I have red, not only does IT start sending IT's lackeys, IT also has competition. IT's busy, IT's not working as efficiently as IT used to, perfect time to bring some more losses. I will be cruising around the world, taking out as many Proxy bases as I can, bringing major loss, I hope, better then doing nothing tough.

Now what I need is your help. I understand there is not many people who read this blog, but there are some, because I get views, if you have some free time, or information on any base, or shelter, of these Proxies, please inform me what country it's at, town, and that is all I will be needing.

Of course I won't be slacking off myself, I have the current location of their base, every time I hit a base, I will get the information of the next one. That's the basics of the plan, we'll see how it will go.

Report #27 Ended.

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