Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Report #21, 2012, October 31st.
Results Part 2

Just woke up, everything hurts as fuck, especially my right arm, that one's a bitch. Head is throbbing like crazy, all the stitches hurt like fuck, I'm actually afraid of moving too hard, one of them might open or something, it sure as hell feels like it.

But the main question is, was it worth it? Well you be the judge of that.

So let us start from the beginning, I was sneaking up on their building in the middle of the night, was actually hoping some of them would be asleep, but that was a fools dream. I had to make a distraction to lure them out, but I had a plan for a distraction, in short, I had a gas canister with me.

I double checked my surroundings, to make sure there were no people around, so they wouldn't get hurt, or just see me, after I made sure there was no one around, I poured the gasoline all over the area where I was standing, moved away to a safe distance, lit up a match, and fireworks began.

Most of them ran out to see what was going on, I think they were surprised by the fire, I know I would be, while all of them been starring, I got behind the building and climbed up trough the broken window, I had a little gasoline left, so while all of them been outside, I proceeded to pour the gasoline on the floor behind them and then moved to a safe distance, getting out my gun.

I will forever cherish the face one of those fucks had made when they turned around to go back inside and see me, suddenly all of them turn around, there were about 30 or something of them, all of them starting to run at me, felt like a fucking stampede. When they started stepping on the wet floor, that was my cue, I lit up another match and threw on the ground, instantly, to their surprise, all of them caught on fire. Some were screaming, others quietly struggling to get to me, those that were getting close were getting a bullet in the head from me.

But it didn't end there, there were more of them, a whole group of them that heard the burning proxies's screams ran into the corridor where all of this was happening, this is when I got out my shotgun, there was about the exact same amount of them, then the one I burnt right now. All of them running at me, some with knives, some with items they found under their feet, some with bare hands, I was just walking towards them, keeping the same pace, shooting at them, bullets didn't miss that much, I mean I have been shooting at a crowd, surely they wouldn't miss.

Everything was under control, until one of the fucks ran out of the fire, still burning, pushing the shotgun out of my hands, I had to react fast, so I shot him in the head with my gun, I tried to get my shotgun back, but I gave them too much free time, seconds later they end up running over me, trying to beat the living crap out of me, and I tell you I felt every blow, I felt a cold pipe on my back, felt a knife in my leg, felt a fist to my head, every blow, but at the same time I could see that they were also beating up their own on accident, because of how much there was of them.

I saw their weakness, got out my shooting knife, and sliced one of those fucks who was close to me in the eyes, making him go blind. Seconds later he started swinging like crazy with he's steel pipe in all directions, taking out some of he's own, but it wasn't enough, I had to make most of them blind, those who will be out of my reach would get shot, that is exactly as it went, so inevitably they took each other out, but to say that I got out of that safely is going to be a lie, I had a few stabs in my ribs, legs, arms, my head was spinning from countless pounds that it took, fuck it, it was bleeding, my sight was all red, I was completely covered in blood.

And that's when those fucks entered, I don't know who they were proxies, or some other creatures, but I tell you, they had one heck of a will power, kept going at me and bouncing up after any injury like nothing. On a plus side they had no weapons with them, it was a small plus side. Their hits felt like fucking stone against my skin, one of them managed to dislocate my right shoulder with a single knee to the shoulder, fucking crazy, yet that will power was their downfall, they would keep going at me ignoring all the damage I would do to them, they could probably ignore it, but their organs, the internal damage was too much, and the outside as well, but I will never forget this moment, when I picked up my shotgun and shot one of them point blank in the face, he took 5 steps after he fell down, fucking lunatics.

In short I managed to find one of the proxies who was alive, after a couple of minutes I managed to make him talk.

What I found out, I will post later as I'm on a tight schedule right now.

Report #21 Ended.

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